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Month: July 2012

5 Reasons for Using Google+ to Market Your Business

July 31, 2012

Since it was launched in June 2011, Google+ has grown to be the third largest social network online with 170 million...

Use Branding Effectively on Your Company Website

July 30, 2012

Your company’s branding is more than just the logo that is printed on your stationery; it is the entire image that is...

The Growing Power of Consumer’s Opinions

July 29, 2012

Most businesspeople understand the importance of the Internet for promoting their products and attracting new...

Choose Effective Long Tail Keywords

July 28, 2012

Using the right keywords in your online content is vital for your website to be indexed correctly by the search...

Facebook Begins to Master Mobile Marketing

July 27, 2012

Since Facebook’s IPO in May, the value of its shares has been a hot topic of debate with many investors that bought...

How Pinnable are Your Website’s Images?

July 26, 2012

If you are marketing products online then it is very likely that you are using images on your website that show them...

Integrating Your Google+ Profile with Your YouTube Content

July 25, 2012

YouTube is the third most visited website on the internet behind Google and Facebook with an amazing 800 million unique...

Focusing Your Small Business’s Online Marketing on Local Traffic

July 24, 2012

Most small businesses are engaged in some form of online marketing, even if it is only a Facebook brand page or a...

Is Traditional SEO a Thing of the Past?

July 23, 2012

Before the development of the search engines that we all use today, webmasters had to index their sites manually and...

Twitter is the Most Effective Social Media Market

July 22, 2012

Twitter is the social media site that most of us would associate with celebrities because of the huge number of...