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Month: September 2012

Hacking Into a Dominating Domain for Your Site

September 30, 2012

Domains and domain names are a huge part of what determines whether a user visits your website or not. It makes sense,...

Designing a Website that Commands Attention

September 29, 2012

Well-designed websites have innumerable benefits, but in order to be successful at their goal they must first...

Generate Content Inspiring Action

September 28, 2012

With more than 2.2 billion internet users1 and a couple of times as much content, it is becoming increasingly difficult...

Building Links with Local Events

September 27, 2012

Local events are a tried and tested limited marketing campaign to improve the image and brand of your business in the...

Making Your Website Friendly with Mobile Phone Users

September 26, 2012

Mobile usage has skyrocketed during the past few years with the advent of the smartphone1. According to Google, 80% of...

How to Design the Perfect Website

September 25, 2012

The perfect website can improve your brand recognition and brand loyalty, increase sales revenue, and attract customer...

Developing Content for the Most Boring of Businesses

September 24, 2012

Online content is the main part of the website, which attracts clients and determines the page rank in the SERPs,...

Writing Headlines That Wow

September 23, 2012

Headlines are what determine whether an article, even a great one, is going to receive a lot of traffic or is destined...

Writing Effective Email Autoresponders

September 22, 2012

Autoresponders are often automated responses to client e-mails, but they can also be a series of short e-mails, which...

Guest Posting: Should You Do It?

September 21, 2012

Guest posting is the practice of writing informative content and pitching it to a different blog in the same niche to...