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Month: October 2012

Are you Pinterested?

October 31, 2012

Two years after its launch, Pinterest has attracted 10.4 million users, although 80% of them are female1. It is the new...

Web Design: Static or Dynamic Content?

October 30, 2012

The two ends of the site development spectrum are static and dynamic content, and these spark off numerous debates...

Web Design for the Mind – Incorporating the Customer Psychology

October 29, 2012

Finding ways to combine psychology methods and findings with website development is necessary in order to maximize...

Ecommerce Website Design – Streamlining the Checkout

October 28, 2012

Between 55% and 72% of shoppers abandon their shop after putting their product in the shopping cart1 due to a multitude...

Functional Website Design Showcasing the Product

October 27, 2012

In the second article of the five-part series, we will go into more depth about how to showcase products on their...

New Orleans E-commerce Web Design Improvement

October 26, 2012

In this, the first of five articles on improving your website design, we will talk about the e-commerce part of your...

Improving Your Twitter Marketing

October 25, 2012

No doubt there is a fantastic marketing plan with realizable and “monitorable” goals already set out at your...

Planning a Twitter Marketing Strategy

October 24, 2012

With more than 500+ million users1, Twitter is one of the top three most popular forms of social media worldwide, with...

The New Tech on the Block – Nokia, Samsung, Amazon

October 23, 2012

September has been an exciting month for tech enthusiasts; all major companies have unveiled either a new handset...

Disaster-Proof HTML 5 forms

October 22, 2012

Users have to fill out forms at every point of their browsing from simple appointment bookings to site registration and...