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Month: December 2012

How to Use Social Media to Drive More Sales

December 31, 2012

Just getting started with social mediaor considering entering this dynamic space on the web? You may be wondering if it...

How to Protect Your Reputation on Social Media

December 30, 2012

Social media is quickly gaining in popularity among small businesses. The reason is clear. Social media networks offer...

Five Ways a Marketing Firm in New Orleans Can Boost Your Business

December 29, 2012

Small businesses are faced with tight budgets, difficult time crunches and other challenges that make marketing...

Five Examples of What Not to Do on Social Media

December 28, 2012

Social media has transformed the way people interact with their peers and businesses alike. Through social media, more...

Three Behaviors of Smartphone Users Your Small Business Must Embrace

December 27, 2012

Over half of the American population owns Smartphones. These phones that can connect to the internet on the go are...

The 8 Second Rule: How to Make People Love You Almost Instantly

December 26, 2012

Did you know that on average when a person arrives on your website you only have eight seconds to make an impression...

How a Mobile Website can Boost Your Conversion Rates

December 25, 2012

Have you heard about other small businesses that have updated their website to be more mobile friendly and wondered why...

Five Tips for Creating Better Landing Pages

December 24, 2012

Pay-per-click advertising and links from other websites are some of the most effective ways of driving people to...

They Came to Your Website, Now What?

December 23, 2012

You invest a lot in your online marketing efforts with time and energy poured into making people want to type in your...

Five Tips for Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

December 22, 2012

Let’s face it. Mobile technology has taken over our lives and studies have shown that people are becoming more...