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Month: March 2013

Scheduling Social Media Updates

March 29, 2013

With a social media presence being a necessity for operating a successful business these days, updating your social...

When to Tweet

March 26, 2013

You have a Twitter account and plenty to say, but when should you say it? In a perfect world, your messages could be...

The Biggest Publicity Mistakes Ever Made on Facebook

March 21, 2013

Services like Facebook have made it easier than ever for people to connect with their favorite brands. With hundreds of...

The Biggest Twitter Faux Pas of All Time

March 18, 2013

You wouldn't think that 140 characters gives much room for getting into trouble, but it can happen. Most Twitter...

Social Media Numbers from 2012

March 15, 2013

With more users than ever engaging in social media, an online presence is essential to any successful business. The...

Web Design: Do Men and Women Prefer Different Things?

March 12, 2013

As a rule, it's not a good idea to stereotype or generalize based on gender. That being said, men and women usually...

Web Design: What Makes a Good Footer

March 07, 2013

Most site owners know that a website should be compelling, informative and engaging. They focus on their content and...

Starting a Facebook Page from Scratch

March 04, 2013

A social media presence is becoming more and more essential for any business, and the effective use of this online...

Responsive Site Design: The Next Future of the Web

March 01, 2013

For many experts in web design and development today, responsive site designs are where the future is headed. A...