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Do It Yourself SEO - Infintech Designs Oct 29, 2019

10 Ways to Do-It-Yourself And Save Money On SEO

When it comes to growing our businesses from the ground up, it’s often the case that we have either time or money to invest in the future of your business, but rarely both. 

If you have money but no time, then it’s a no brainer to invest in a local SEO company to use their talent and experience to give your website a leg up. 

But maybe you’re a new New Orleans internet marketing company that’s short on funds to invest in marketing. 


If that’s the case and you have time to work on it, it’s not hard to learn at least the basics of search engine optimization to get more traffic to your site getting than ever while converting more visitors into customers. 


If you’re looking to do a little DIY marketing, we’re here with some big hints to get your internet marketing in New Orleans moving in the right direction.


Building Your Own Online Marketing the DIY Way


Master Keyword Research

The first and probably the most important part of SEO for your website is research into what keywords generate traffic in your area of interest. 


You and your customer base may even speak a completely different language about your product if you are in an industry rife with technical jargon, and if this jargon translates into your website, you may generate less traffic from actual potential customers. 

Keyword research is the act of investigating what search terms and phrases your potential customers use when looking for products that you offer. 


And being able to use these exact phrases in your website’s content will increase your relevancy in the search engine. 


Google keyword planner is one of the most popular tools for doing this kind of research and seeing just how popular certain search queries are. 


This is a paid tool so to get the most out of Google Keyword Planner you will need an active Google Ad Campaign.


If you don’t have the money to pay for the ad campaign through Google, then you may want to consider at least for now using the free tools offered by Ubersuggest in order to get a decent understanding of the keywords in your field and maybe eventually you can advance up into Google Keyword Planner.


SEMrush and Ahrefs are also great tools to get related keywords. SEMrush gives you a variety of keywords that are categorized to phrase match, broad, and related keywords.


Plan Your Website To Take Advantage of This Keyword Knowledge

Once you’ve successfully gotten the information you need from keyword research, then you need to move on to implementing it into your website in order to generate more traffic. 


You should have at least one page dedicated to every high-medium priority keyword. 


Even getting a few little areas dedicated to minor priority keywords can help you generate niche traffic, but it is obviously more advantageous for your business to focus on the most popular keywords in order to get the most bang out of your effort.


You will also need to dedicate space in order to utilize long-tail keywords, which are longer phrases that people often type into Google when searching for results. 


These keywords are usually easy enough to fit into a blog section or FAQ and are a big part of getting your website scoring higher in search engine results.


Get To Know Your Competition

Another important part of the research is looking into your competition to see what they are doing that is so effective. 


So take the time to google search each major product or service your web page offers and note what the top results look like and take the time to study what your competition is doing in their websites in order to generate the best results on Google.


You may find some nice guidelines to base your own website and features you may never think to include. 


And of course, their website has tried and true SEO features in order to rate so highly on Google so you can take notice of what keywords they are using adjacent to the product. 


Optimize Your Website

This may be difficult for you to do based on whomever you have your website hosted with. 


But it is absolutely important in getting to the top results on Google. 


Having a mobile-friendly version of your website is a must in the modern days as well. 


Fifty percent of website traffic is funneled through cell phones rather than traditional PCs. 


But not only will you miss out on a huge portion of potential clients by not having a cell phone friendly website, you will also suffer as current google search engine results also take into account the speed at which their web crawlers load websites and if they can or suffer while generating the mobile version of the website.


This negative score for bad cell phone optimization really comes down to hurt the whole website as the results of loading the online version of the site factor into all searches and not just online traffic meaning that your mobile performance can harm your desktop performance.


Publish Regular Content

Regularly getting new pages or any kind of content onto your website is essential for keeping up with moving trends as well as staying relevant on google’s algorithm. 


Even if your website doesn’t use a space to publish regular blogs about your field of expertise, you will benefit from having some form of regular content injected into your online platform. 

content marketing in New Orleans - Infintech Designs


A recommended content marketing is essential to keep your business from going down the SERP rankings. 


It doesn’t even have to be word-based content as just loading some fresh photos to use on your website every month will help keep your website up to date and competitive.


Work On Your Social Media

Your social media marketing is absolutely in your hands until you higher a brand manager, and that is more of a large company. 


You should get in the habit of posting news and updates about your product on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. 


New Orleans social media marketing - Infintech Designs

Any social media that you can work your business into is a good investment in advertising as it offers more channels for customers to find your services through.


Understand Google Analytics

While you may have felt like it was just one and done with doing your keyword research, you will need to regularly check up on your websites google analytics to know what key phrases are generating traffic into your website and get an idea of what marketing strategies are working for you.


DIY Public Relations

Having good public relations with your customer base is the quickest way to get into earned marketing where your existing customers will continue to invite their friends, family, and peers to check out your services or product. 


If you have a team working on public relations, it’s best not to get too nosey on this and butt into their work field, but if you don’t, you’ll really need to put in the effort to make your brand not only desirable but something that people will want to share with their friends.


Read An SEO Blog

Find an SEO tips and tricks blog that will help you learn and refine your skills from the basics you have now more into an SEO machine and master that gets the job done. 


There are plenty of options available online, so don’t be afraid to look around until you see a blog that reaches out to you and makes you fall in love. 


Reading through enjoyable material will help you retain and learn from it.


Ask For Tips And Help When You Get Stuck

Don’t be afraid to go out there and ask for help if you are stuck on any part of your SEO journey. 


There are plenty of forums and blogs to ask and learn from. 


The Google Webmaster Forum is actually one of the largest forums for discussing SEO marketing. 


Of course, do your best to get your questions out there to the more experienced people that can offer you words of wisdom earned with years of experience.

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