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Month: April 2012

Five Reasons to Include Webinars in Your Internet Marketing Plans

Online conferencing has been around over a decade, but it still remains one of the most underused internet marketing tools available. Successful marketers make connections with their customers, and since the current success of social media marketing stems from the ability to engage people in conversation, it is hard to understand why more use isn’t made of the conferencing technology that is

Planning for a Good Online Reputation

Almost everyone that has used the internet has an online reputation of some sort, and most people never even know it. Without really being aware of the longevity of the information, people will create account profiles, fill in submission forms, and post photos of themselves on social media sites; all of which goes towards developing an online profile that colors their reputation. Take a moment to

Start a Niche Forum to Build Your Online Presence

Internet presence is usually defined in terms of how visible you are online, how high you rank in the SERPs (search engine results pages), whether you have a good online reputation, and what reach you have when you promote yourself. To someone that is just starting out on the task of building their online brand awareness, developing an online presence may seem daunting. Fortunately, there is one

Keeping the Conversation Going on Your Status Updates

Social media marketing is consuming a lot of time for a significant number of businesses with almost two thirds of marketers spending up to ten hours per week on social networks1. This has come about because of the potential for engagement that sites like Facebook and Twitter offer to marketers, but amongst all of the enticing statistics is one that indicates that the majority of marketers are

The Increasing Relevance of Social Media to SEO

Even though much of the focus of Internet marketing is shifting towards social media lately, the main source of most of the traffic that lands on your website is still likely to be the search engines. This means that good SEO is still vital to building your profile online, but it doesn’t mean that all of those hours that you have spent posting links on Twitter or making status updates on

Using Blog Comments to Drive Traffic to Your Website

The greatest percentage of traffic to most websites comes directly from one or another of the search engines. This means that the key to generating traffic to your company’s website is to have a high ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), and this is generally achieved by optimizing your web pages to be highly visible to the crawlers that the search engines use to index websites.

Blogging to Develop Your Local Market

Most bloggers think in terms of their world wide reach but focusing on this particular big picture may be overlooking the power of a blog to develop a market locally. The real power of a corporate blog is that it creates opportunities to have relationships with your customers. For most businesses the most important customers will be the ones that live near to their location and the majority of

Local Search Results Provide Accurate Information That Buyers Need

The way that we use the internet is changing to accommodate the evolution of devices that are web-enabled now. The most significant shift in technology in recent years is the growth in mobile devices, especially phones, a large percentage of which can now access the internet. This has changed the way that we use the web so that now, instead of using the internet to research a product before

Building Good SEO is Still More Effective for Marketing than Social Networking

It seems that a lot of buzz in internet marketing circles now is about using social media to promote businesses and their brands. The huge potential audience and the immediacy of the medium’s ability to engage customers have made it an effective marketing tool. It seems that it has become more important to collect a huge amount of likes for your brand page on Facebook than it is to have a good

How Big Brands Make It Happen While You Can’t

Our social media marketing firm soon learned there are as many different ways to engage clients as there are businesses. It is an ongoing learning process for us. One of the major lessons embedded in our minds is the way large businesses do things. Small businesses assume they are unable to compete with the big guys because they can't afford pricey television commercials or print campaigns across

Choosing the Right Facebook Ad for Your Business

Facebook ads are one of the cheapest promotional tools available to marketers. From as little as 5c per click through it is possible to create your own demographically targeted campaign for as little as $10 per week. Even the Premium ads are very inexpensive and simple enough to customize that anyone can be promoting themselves on Facebook with only a few minutes of work. Even though they are so

Converting Social Media Followers into Blog Subscribers

The focus of a lot of internet marketing strategies has moved to social media in the past couple of years in response to the huge popularity of sites like Twitter and Facebook. The allure of these networks is the huge potential audience that they make available and the ease with which it is possible to pick up a large number of followers. While the dynamic nature of these sites undoubtedly makes

Using Google Alerts to Keep Abreast of Your Current Online Reputation

Having a good website and creating connections for your business on social media are great ways of promoting your business online. Most of this kind of internet use is totally in your control and you use it to create an online profile that will encourage people to trust you with their business. There is another side to an online profile that is beyond the control of your marketing campaign and

Finding the Right Balance between Entertainment, Information and Promotional Content

With the emphasis of the search engines shifting to relevancy the focus of online marketers has moved to creating quality content that will engage the reader. Creating relevant content has more benefits than just an improvement in your SEO and in a way the development of the search engine algorithms to return more readable pages in the SERPs is a reflection of how people are using the internet

The Value of Following Your Competitors Online

For many businesses their online marketing campaign is so focused on building their website and improving their SEO and SERPs that they miss one important aspect that should be a part of every internet marketing plan, finding and following your competitors online. Keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing is just good business practice but doing it online brings other benefits with it.

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