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Kickstart your Social Media Presence - Infintech Designs Oct 09, 2020

5 Ways to Kickstart your Social Media Presence

We all know that most businesses now use social media to promote and boost their business.

You may find it hard to keep up your social media presence, but have you asked yourself, are you doing it the right way?

As you know, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the most popular social media platforms that we use.

That’s why most businesses are always looking for ways to increase their audience — it’s no wonder why social media trends are always changing.

In this article, you’ll know the five most effective ways to kick start your social media presence to promote your business and covering the following topics:

  • Using Social Media to Promote Your Business
  • The Importance of Promoting Online
  • The Importance of Web Presence

How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business

Before you make a viral list for boosting your social media presence, here’s some helpful information about using social media for marketing and advertising your product. Knowing how to use it will help you to be more effective in reaching your audience.

● Finding your target market with social media marketing
● Building a community
● Find new ideas and trends.
● Advertising

Learn more about the basics of social media marketing.

Kickstart Your Social Media Presence

For starters, it’s tough to think of ways to boost your social media presence.
That’s why we’ve gathered the five most effective ways of putting a kickstart on your social media presence:

Use Multiple Social Media Platforms

New Orleans social media marketing - Infintech DesignsFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest are just some of the most well-known social media platforms where you can advertise your product and connect with people.

You can also create a Facebook business page if you’re promoting multiple products or businesses.

Using these platforms will attract followers that could be potential customers. And the more you post your content in all your social media accounts, the more likely you’ll get more audience.

Create a Trendy Hashtag

People in social media love hashtags, especially Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Think of a catchy and trendy hashtag that signatures your brand and make sure that your audience will love it. Make sure it’s unique and doesn’t interfere with other businesses — you don’t want to confuse your audience by making them think you’re a different business.

You may also create a list for your upcoming posts, especially if you’re advertising a new product or content.

Promote Your Social Media Accounts

Have you heard about offline promotions? It’s promoting your business outside of social media like distributing coupons, posters where you include your social media account where people can follow you.

It’s another way of getting followers, but don’t forget to keep up your content on your social media accounts to avoid losing your audience.

Post More Content

viral listYes! You have to keep posting content on your social media account to keep your audience entertained.

Content marketing is also essential in keeping consistent with your social media promotions.

If people don’t see any updates on your page, you’ll most likely start losing followers, and people won’t be interested anymore.

Here are just a few ideas for content that you can use to kick start your social media presence:

● Images – you can pick a photo of your product or anything relevant to your business.
● Video – you can post a promotional video for your product, appreciation post, or anything relevant.
● Inspirational quotes – you can post something to keep the audience inspired. It could be from famous poets, leaders, etc.
● Polls and Questions – it can be for entertainment purposes or a survey about your product. People love to answer polls and questions. They always want to talk about something.


You’ll mostly find this on Facebook and Instagram where people get giveaways.

But before they win, you need to create a set of tasks that they need to do to enter the contest.

Here are a few examples:

● Like and follow you on all your social media platforms.
● Share it with friends while using a hashtag.
● Post a photo of your product

By using these, you’re more likely to increase your engagement with your audience, and at the same time, they get to enjoy your products.

What’s the most important objective of having a web presence?

Creating content and posting it on your social media account won’t be sufficient to set your proper objectives. You have to do it the right way:

● Promote and sell your product

Promoting and selling your product is the main purpose you need to kickstart your social media and web presence. You also need to make a profit after promoting your business.

● Sell products online

Selling your products online is the most convenient way to make a profit and for your customers to buy your products. Just make sure to put every information about the product and always ready to answer their queries.

Why is Web Presence Important?

Aside from having a social media presence, you should also have a web presence.

In this generation, the Internet is now the most popular way of communication and getting information, and so having a web presence would also be a great help for your business.

When people search for specific services they need, they should be able to find yours too.

And here are some effective ways to keep up your web presence.

● Keep your website updated – Information about your company, products, services, contact details, social media accounts, and email-address should always be updated to ensure that customers can reach you whenever they need your services.

● Use Ads – marketing apps like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads will help you reach more audiences and potential customers. Once you create your Ad, your content will be posted on different websites, web searches, and news feeds, making your business visible on the web.

How to build a positive social media presence?

social media marketingThere are people that you can’t really please online.

That’s why building a positive social media presence can be challenging because you can’t control people’s opinions.

However, only you can manage your content, so make sure that anything you post online is relevant, engaging, and gives your audience a positive vibe.

Here are some tips on how you can build a positive social media presence:

● Be Natural – When posting your content or talking with your audience, be natural, and be human.

They need to feel that they’re talking to you. As much as possible, engage with your audience and answer any questions relevant to your content.

There are also businesses participating in charities and helping organizations, which is a big plus for your social media presence.

● Don’t be insensitive – People in social media don’t like insensitive content. You’ll most likely lose followers if they find your content offensive. So before you hit that post button, make sure that your content doesn’t interfere with sensitive people.

Start Your Social Media Marketing Today

And there you have it, 5 ways to get your social media presence off to a good start, along with some extra tips and tricks to help you set yourself apart from the competition.

And while it may sound like a lot of work, no one ever got a popular page on Facebook overnight.

It takes weeks and months of planning, strategy, and adjustments before the audience really warms up to your content.

But with enough time and effort, you’re sure to get the online presence you want by following the guide above.

Improve your social media strategy or start with one today with us at Infintech Designs!

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