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Deadly Google Ads Mistakes - Infintech Designs Sep 23, 2020

8 Deadly Google Ads Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Google Ads, previously called Google Adwords, is one of the most effective digital tools in the market today for driving traffic into a site.

It does, however, come with an investment, and not using the tool correctly will lead to unnecessary losses.

Spending on Google advertising will definitely bring more traffic to your site, but these visitors have little value to the company if they are not the least bit interested in the products or services being offered.

Google Ads Mistakes to Avoid

When Google Ads is not used correctly, it will lead to wasted digital marketing investments by reaching the wrong people, therefore generating traffic but not revenue.

The goal of investing in Google Ads should be to reach the correct market, increase relevant visitors, and generate revenue.

If a company’s pay-per-click (PPC) efforts are not yielding these desired results, there are probably several mistakes in the execution.

1: Not Understanding the Financial Aspects of Google Ads

A company’s budgets and targets for utilizing Google Ads must be clearly defined.

Let’s take a look at this example:

Boutique A spent $ 1,000 on Google Ads last month, and the ads generated 1,000 clicks, closed 5 sales, and earned $500 in revenue.

Boutique B spent $ 1,000 on Google Ads last month, and the ads generated 500 clicks, closed 20 sales, and earned $2,000 in revenue.

Reports might show that boutique A’s Google Ads campaign did better because it generated more clicks, but if we look closely at the numbers, we will see that boutique B closed 15 more sales, 75% more than what boutique A did.

Boutique B also earned $1,500 more than boutique A did, which is 75% higher in terms of percentage. If budgets and targets are not clearly defined, Google Ads might create losses instead of revenue for a business.

The solution: Learn about the financial aspects of investing in Google Ads, because Google might have a different success matrix.

2: Not Distinguishing Between Search Network and Display Network

Search Network and Display Network are the options for search network campaigns in Google Ads; you may choose one or both.

The Search Network is text-based and is meant to inform, while the Display Network is meant to attract.

Using the Search Network on a website will not stand out and may seem boring.

This seemingly harmless mistake of not distinguishing between the Search Network and the Display Network will cost money and won’t get desired results.

The solution: Research about Search Network and Display Network. They have different features and advantages, so use them separately.

3: Poor Writing

Even if an ad appears as the first option in Google, a potential visitor will not click on it if the ad is not compelling enough to act on.

The solution: Reevaluate the target audience and rewrite the copy. It has to appeal to them. Hiring professional writers who are well-versed in SEO is also an option.

4: Not Using the Correct Keywords

Keywords are not just arbitrary words a company thinks of; they are the actual words and phrases that the clients are searching for.

They type these words in search of a product or service that they need. Using the correct keywords will guide them to the site that fulfills their need best.

Not using the correct keywords will prevent reaching relevant visitors.

The solution: Research on which keywords your target market uses. Use tools like the Google Ads Keyword Planner to find relevant keywords.

5: Lack of Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are just as helpful as keywords in filtering the site visits gained with Google Ads.

How do they work? Google Ads has a tab on this, where a company may upload a list of negative keywords that they do not want to be associated with.

For instance, a dance studio in Anaheim might include these keywords:

  • Dance studio California
  • Zumba class Anaheim
  • Ballroom class California

People who are searching for a dance studio in California may find the site for the dance studio, but so will people looking for an online ballroom class in California or a free Zumba class in Anaheim.

Including the words “online” and “free” in the list of negative words will allow a business to exclude people looking for online or free classes from those who will see their paid ads.

The lack of negative keywords makes businesses spend on clicks from visitors who are looking for products or services that they do not even offer.

The solution: Use negative keywords. Make sure to customize the negative keywords for every campaign.

6: Not Using the Right Keyword Matches

The three types of keyword matches are broad match, phrase match, and exact match. Keyword matches will work to a company’s disadvantage if not used correctly.

Solution: Know the difference between the types of keyword matches and know which best suits a campaign.

  • Broad Match: This type of keyword match appears on a person’s search engine regardless of the word order. A broad match search for the words organic farm produce will also appear for the search words organic produce farm and farm produce organically.
  • Phrase Match: Phrase match keywords appear at the exact order that the company wrote them as. A phrase match search for the words slim yoga pants will also appear on searches for the words slim yoga pants on sale or where to buy slim yoga pants. Use double quotation marks to indicate that a group of words is intended to be a phrase match, with the keywords written as “slim yoga pants”.
  • Exact Match: The keywords will only get a hit if a potential client types the exact keywords used. If an exact match is chosen, the keywords “Louisiana advertising agency” will not appear if a client searches for an “advertising agency in Louisiana”. Use brackets to indicate that a group of words is intended to be an exact match, with the keywords written as [New Orleans digital marketing company].

Broad matches will generally deliver more impressions, but the phrase and exact matches will deliver a higher conversion rate. Review the pros and cons of each match type.

Google allows multiple keyword match types. Try the different keyword types and check to see which appeals most to the market.

7: Lack of Extensions

Extensions are enhancements available via the Ad Extensions tab on Google Ads.

The additional details include information such as business address or links to specific products. The lack of extensions makes an ad blend in with a page and minimizes visibility.

The solution: Use all the extensions necessary to enhance an ad. These are great tools in increasing traffic to a site.

8: Not Utilizing Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of maximizing a site’s effectiveness in terms of turning visitors into customers. If the Google ads are executed well, they will add traffic to a company’s site.

However, if the site doesn’t observe CRO guidelines, like if it’s hard to navigate or doesn’t have a compelling call to action statement, then the investment on Google ads could be pointless.

The solution: Learn about the CRO process, or consider hiring a digital marketing company like Infintech Designs to help utilize it. We have a team of CRO experts.


Google Ads is a powerful tool when a company is targeting the correct audience and is using the right words and tools. It does not, however, function on its own.

Combine your PPC campaigns with the correct search engine optimization (SEO) and CRO tools to increase site visitors, improve sales funnels, and generate revenue.

Want to boost your business in the online market? Infintech Designs can help. We offer Google Ads strategies.

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