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A Compass to Guide You Through the Web Design Forest

Usually, when we meet with a new client, they are coming into the web design (or redesign) process with a lot of enthusiasm and more than a few ideas. However, those feelings often give way to a general state of confusion, or the sense that the whole project is a bit overwhelming.

It’s easy to understand why: what starts out as a set of simple ideas can quickly turn into a dizzying web of new web layouts, features, additions, and options. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages, time frames and budgets, that all have to be accounted for. Soon, getting a new website doesn’t seem so simple at all.

There’s an easy way to help you figure out what you really need, though, a sort of “compass” to guide you through the web design forest. When the decisions get tough, simply ask yourself: “what would my customers like to see, or be able to do, on this page?” If the answer fits within your current vision and budget, then go for it; if it’s not reflected on the pages you’re seeing, then ask yourself – and your web design team – why not.

In the end, everything we put on a businesses website is to better serve the men and women who buy from us. Keeping them in mind throughout the design process can give you a much stronger perspective… not to mention a better end result.

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