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Elements of Landing Page Optimization - Infintech Designs Apr 28, 2016

Five Important Elements of Landing Page Optimization

It can be easy to assume that optimizing a landing page means little more than sprinkling one or two commonly searched keyword phrases throughout the written content. In reality, there are lots of diverse activities that go on, both in the visible page content and “behind the scenes”…that is, if the optimization is being done in the best way possible. A landing page that is lacking in one or more of the following five important elements is doomed to lag behind its competitors in that all-important arena: the first page of keyword search results!

1. Keyword Analysis

Before you write a word of content for your optimized landing page, you need to decide what keyword(s) your page will focus on. Choosing those keywords is more complicated than simply coming up with a phrase or two that describes what your company does. A true SEO expert will conduct deep research on potential keywords, finding out not only how many people search for them, but also how many existing pages are already competing for those searchers’ attention. Sometimes, a longtail keyword that only sees a few searches per month is a more profitable choice than a general, highly competitive phrase.

2. Written Content

Time to write the content! There are plenty of points to mention within this step, but let’s focus on three. First, your selected keyword phrases should be included at a balanced density level—usually 1-2%, or roughly once every 100 words or so. Second, your written content must be original to that page. If it seems tempting to copy paragraphs from elsewhere on your website, tweak a few words, and treat it as a new page, be ready for Google to penalize it and push it off the first few results pages. Third, your content should be interesting! The best keywords in the world won’t help if the reader gets bored before finishing your first sentence and clicks away from the page. SEO companies such as the New Orleans-based Infintech Designs employs a team of writers who understand the crucial elements of effective content and know quality writing piece when they see one.

3. Titles and Meta Descriptions

Don’t overlook the importance of the title and meta description of your page. Search engines rely heavily on these snippets of text to judge what a landing page is about. Many a landing page has been sabotaged by a spelling error in the title that causes Google to overlook otherwise high-quality content.

4. Links

There are two different kinds of links to create along with your landing page. First, links within the page’s written content should connect the page to others on the website. Ensure that the anchor text associated with those links make it clear what each linked page is about—and again, triple-check your spelling to make sure the search engine can understand it! Second, generate inbound links to the landing page from other websites—business directories, Q&A forums, and other sites that have a strong reputation. This is one of the essential content marketing elements that will help bring your business in the online market. Links from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets count as well!

5. Conversion

Remember that the ultimate goal of a landing page is not to get a search engine user to click through to it. Rather, it’s to get that user to click through to the other pages of the website. The landing page is just the lobby, where the visitor finds out what your company is all about. After that, you want that visitor to navigate to your homepage or, better yet, email or call you directly. Use a navigation structure that is crystal-clear and shows the visitor exactly where to go for key products, services, and information. Insert at least one clear call to action on the landing page, as well as a large, clearly defined clickable button that links to your contact page.

Don’t worry—all of this work pays off! These principles of optimization hold true across algorithm changes and boost landing pages on the search results pages every time.

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