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How content marketing drives sales Apr 08, 2021

How Content Marketing Drives Sales?

Back when content marketing was still new, it was a way to differentiate itself from competitors. 

In today’s world, it’s a necessity if you want to compete and be successful online. 

In every digital marketing campaign, content marketing lies as its center point. It allows businesses to connect with their audience by providing relevant and valuable content.

Content marketing has a direct correlation to sales, as well as SEO

The better this aspect of your business, the more sales, and revenue you’ll get. It helps you fulfill your business goals as you build your brand.

How Effective Is Content Marketing on Sales?

The majority of people believe that companies should be providing value through content. 

How effective is content marketing on sales

The reason why most global brands are successful is that of their ability to build customer relationships. 

They provide value and become an authority within their line of business. 

A study showed that 78% of all consumers prefer getting to know a company through content rather than ads.

When consumers view your content, they begin forming an opinion about it. If what you provide is positive, then the same characteristics become associated with your business. 

It helps ease customers through the door and builds trust at the same time. 

The following numbers also show that content marketing is very influential:

  • 74% of companies admitted that content marketing improved the quantity and quality of their leads.
  • Blog recommendations lead to 61% of readers making a purchase.
  • Conversion rates of content marketing are at least six times higher than other marketing methods.

Content is also a very organic way to grow a business.

 By creating content that people enjoy, you set your business up for positive rankings on search engines

Google and other search engines value the quality of websites highly. With content marketing, you hit two birds with one stone as you also improve your SEO along the way.

How Much Does Content Marketing Increase Sales?

According to data, content marketing creates three times more leads than other methods

Even with a subpar sales funnel and a 2.35% conversion rate, content marketing can increase it to at least 6%

If you have an effective conversion strategy bringing in 5-11%, expect those numbers to go even higher.

Content marketing is also one of the most affordable sales enablement tools in your arsenal. 

How Much Does Content Marketing Increase Sales

 It costs way less than PPC or paid advertising. The most you’d have to spend is the time required to create the content.

For others, it will be hiring the right team of content marketers. Even then, costs are around 60% less than traditional marketing methods.

While content can help bring in new customers, its effectiveness lies in nurturing your existing customers. 

As you use other marketing forms, content keeps them engaged, maintaining the relationship. 

You also encourage interaction through comments or by including surveys. Your audience can direct you on which direction your content should go.

How Content Marketing Drives Sales

B2B marketing strategies always include content creation thanks to the many benefits it provides. 

As opposed to being an instigator, it acts as a supporter of sales goals, providing value that can improve a company’s outlook for the long term. 

Here’s why sales have been increasing for many businesses thanks to content marketing:

  • Targets relevant buyers with a high chance of a conversion
  • Creates a personalized experience
  • Improves brand recall
  • Increases buyer engagement

While this is a big part of the strategies of many marketers, it isn’t automatic. You can’t just create any type of content and expect the numbers to increase all of a sudden. 

Your content has to meet the reader’s interest and appeal to them in a way that brings them closer to a sale. 

Popular Forms of Content Marketing

Blogs: This is considered the quintessential asset for content. People love reading blogs, and they don’t even realize they’re doing it. 

Studies show that people are becoming interested in long-form reading, preferring long blogs spanning up to 2,000 words.

eBooks: These aren’t typically the first type of content you create. 

However, they’re good long-term support for your other content. eBooks won’t overtake blogs as they require more steps to get one, though books, in general, are more trusted forms of media.

Infographics: An alternative to long-form content, these are popular thanks to being informative. They’re one of the best ways to establish authority fast through the use of insightful data.

Social media: Social media websites serve both as a platform to share and create content. They’re also a tool to leverage your customers’ positive experiences.

Content Marketing Is Your Ticket To Higher Revenue

It may seem that content marketing is just about producing a few articles or graphics. 

The truth is, it’s the backbone of your marketing strategy. It’s so influential that all businesses are investing in their content to help them stand out. 

Content marketing is your way to keep up and create a unique expression for your brand.

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