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SEO Experts Tips: Facebook Marketing Strategies

Aside from maintaining websites, it is vital for today’s businesses to harness the power of social media and social networking sites, as these tools enable companies to respond to client concerns faster and more efficiently. Social networks enable you to share information, ideas and events to your clients which they, in turn can share with their respective contacts. As the most popular social networking site, companies would do well to utilize Facebook as a means to market their products and services.

Facebook marketing lets you interact with your clients, allowing you to build and maintain a relationship with them and drive more traffic to your page. You can also utilize it to direct possible clients to your website for more information about your business.

Here are a few tips on how to market your business via Facebook marketing:

  1. Create a Facebook page for your company. The basic way to do marketing via Facebook is to create a page where you can feature your products and services. It is important that you create a page, and not a profile, so that people – whether loyal clients or potential customers – can “like” your page. This is different from a person’s profile; through pages, celebrities, organizations, and businesses can officially broadcast information about themselves and their causes to people who want to connect with them.
  1. Integrate your company’s Facebook page with your personal account, or share information posted your company page on your personal page, so your friends will still be updated on information about your company even if they are not subscribed to or have not “liked” your company.
  1. Search for relevant groups which you can join. Most group owners and administrators enable members to post freely on the group’s wall, and you can use this to share information about your business to the group. Another marketing strategy is to create your own Facebook group, which you can invite your friends and acquaintances to join. Facebook also offers an advertising system, from which you can get potential customers.
  1. It is not enough to simply create a page for your company. Facebook marketing also involves populating your page with relevant and fresh content updated regularly. Update your wall regularly so your contacts can see it on their own walls. Optimize your account with the right keywords and other tools used by search engine experts to help your site rank among the top search engine results, so that prospective clients will be able to find you. It is also necessary to interact with and engage your contacts regularly so that your clients will know that there is a real person, or group of people behind the page.

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