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Google Reviews Marketing: How to Earn Your Business with More Customers

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For generations, word-of-mouth recommendation was the way businesses got more customers.

People had a great experience at your business, they told their friends, and their friends came to see you. Today, word-of-mouth marketing has largely been replaced by Google reviews marketing. The more positive Google reviews your business has, the more likely you are to get new business.

In fact, recent research shows that online reviews influence over 93% of ALL purchase decisions online, with 60% of consumers reading online reviews weekly and with 68% of those consumers willing to PAY 15% MORE for the same service or product if its rated higher by others.

Boosting Google Reviews to Grow Your Business – Google Marketing

Boosting Google ReviewsThe key to earning an influx positive Google reviews for your business goes well beyond offering stellar service. The old “if you build it they will come” mentality just won’t cut it in today’s competitive market.

Yet, finding a way to get more reviews – without breaking Google’s rules – can improve rankings, drive targeted traffic, phone calls and leads…all while building up trust early on in the sales cycle. The result of which is increased conversion rates, sales, and growth.

Without having a steady influx of positive reviews, your business can easily get lost in the noise of all the other companies on the internet that also compete in your category.

You need a proven method of getting more reviews, and making sure those reviews count, giving your business the credibility and competitive edge it needs to succeed.

At Infintech Designs, our experienced Google review marketers utilize battle-tested and proven methodologies for earning you positive reviews on a regular basis. Google reviews service strategies are one of our local SEO services in Louisiana that can help you earn reviews and build your reputation without resorting to black hat techniques.

Why Are Google Reviews Important?

No matter your business – local contracting, chiropractic, bakery, or even a private school – reviews matter. And in today’s “social” world, the opinions of others about your brand, service or products matter a lot.

Why are Google Reviews Important Potential customers are becoming more and savvier when choosing who they’re going to do business with. They spend hours researching companies, reading reviews, and making comparisons. The more reviews you have, the more likely you are to make someone’s short list because your reviews give them an idea of what to expect if they hire you.

But simply posting a bunch of 5-star reviews without any commentary isn’t going to cut it. You need reviewers to write optimized information about your business – What they liked, what they didn’t like, what they view as being your strengths, and even suggestions on how your business could become stronger – for customers to consider it a good review.

This information not only gives your business authority, but the narratives bring in keywords relevant to your business that can help improve your search engine rankings.

How Can Infintech Designs’ Google Reviews Marketing Services Help Your Business?

Earning reviews is an important part of helping your business grow and thrive, but it also can be a time-consuming and frustratingly difficult task if not approached correctly.

Your staff has to know how to ask customers for a review, utilize technology-leveraged review capturing methods, and gently encourage feedback at specific stages of the buyer’s cycle and more.

Training people takes time and, depending on your staff’s skills and personalities, requesting reviews from customers may never be a natural part of the job. You’ve got more to worry about in your day-to-day life running your business than whether enough people are being solicited for reviews both online and off.

Relax! The team at Infintech Designs can do the heavy lifting for you, from outreach to current and past customers to integrative technology solutions and review monitoring and management, we’ve got you covered.

We manage your business’s online reputation to give you the best chance at getting found by the right people when they’re ready to buy. See our Google maps optimization service for more ways on how to help your business stay relevant in the local industry.

Marketing Reviews – Why Choose Infintech Designs to Improve Your Google Reviews?

For more than 13 years, Infintech Designs has helped businesses in Louisiana improve their online footprint, gain more business, and grow.

Our skilled internet marketers know all the tricks of the trade to get your business the reviews it needs to stand out from the crowd.

Choosing Infintech Designs to manage and build your Google reviews profile can:

  • Bring In New Customers Who Would Have Otherwise Chosen Your Competitors.
  • Increase Repeat Sales And Improve Retention Of Current Customers
  • Save You Time And Frustration Coming Up With The Best Way To Get More Google Reviews
  • Monitor And Manage Review Collection And Engagement
  • Mediate And Filter Out Negative Reviews And Feedback, Allowing You To Privately Deal With Dissatisfied Customers And Learn How To Improve Your Offerings
  • And More…

Our Clients Love Infintech Designs!

Google reviews are so important to us, we have more than 100 of them! See what our happy clients have to say about working with Infintech Designs in Louisiana:

“This has been quite the adventure and education. The key is finding the right person, and for me, Brian was my white knight.” – Edward K.

“I gave Brian & his team my full trust, and it has paid off big time. The rankings I see in our monthly reports about my Google My Business page have continued to steadily climb up from where they were {in the gutter!} to where they are now… We’ve been working together for nearly three months, and all of my keywords are already AT LEAST at the top of page 2, and some of them have crept their way up to the game-changing page 1.” – Julia R.

“Brian has shown me, both by words and actions, that anything that is done with my site, would be something he would fully feel confident doing to a site of his own, and that’s comforting to know.” – Peter C.

About Infintech Designs

At Infintech Designs, we care about your business’s success. Whether you need a new website, want to rank better with search engines, or need help with your online reviews, our professional team can help you succeed.

We offer full-service online marketing and reputation services, including:

Web design: Get a modern, beautiful website designed to convert visitors into customers.

Social media marketing: Everyone’s on social media these days, so why not reach potential customers where they’re already hanging out?

Logo design: Put your business’s best foot forward with an engaging, unique logo.

Content marketing: Provide real value to your customers with blog posts, case studies, and more to build your brand and increase your authority.

Industry Involvement

For decades Infintech Designs and its founder, Brian Hong, have been helping to shape the digital marketing landscape, educating businesses and founders on everything from the ever-evolving nature of Google’s algorithm to effectively leveraging paid ads to drive predictable growth.

Brian Hong has been and continues to be featured in some of the most prominent media in the industry, including Forbes, INC and Entrepreneur.

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