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New Orleans Mobile Marketing Service – Launch Your Business Beyond Desktop Market

The potential market for new customers is no longer limited to those who use PCs and desktop computers. In fact, mobile has consistently and steadily replaced desktop web traffic over the years, now accounting for more than 60% of all web traffic to sites.

Yet for some reason, mobile marketing is a less utilized medium by many businesses.

Mobile marketing offers a way to leverage changing user behaviors and get in front of your target audience when and where it’s most convenient for them.

When you utilize mobile marketing, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience and spread your market offer to anyone, anywhere.

Why mobile marketing is the next big thing

This method of marketing offers a more personal interaction that far exceeds that of traditional marketing tactics and mediums.

But that’s not all…let’s look at some stats:

  • Consumers now spend over 5 hours per day on their smartphones
  • Over 52.2% of all web traffic in 2018 has come from mobile devices
  • Around 3/5 consumers check their email while “on the go”
  • IN 2017 95.7% of all Facebook accounts were accessed via mobile (Statista)
  • 80% of Pinterest users access the site via mobile (Pinterest)
  • 60% of LinkedIn Traffic comes from mobile (Forbes)
  • 85% of all Twitter usage is on mobile (Wall St. Journal)
  • 51% of individuals report using mobile to find new brands & businesses (BrightEdge)
  • 89% of people are likely to recommend a brand after having a positive mobile experience with them (Google, 2017)
  • 46% of people say they would NOT purchase from a brand again after a poor mobile experience with them (Google, 2017)
  • 57% of individuals will NOT recommend a brand with a poorly designed mobile site (Google, 2017)
  • Nearly 40% of ALL online transactions are done on mobile (Google, 2017)

Mobile Marketing Experts in New Orleans

Mobile Marketing Experts New Orleans - Infintech Designs We at Infintech Designs have become experts at developing websites that are equally responsive on all platforms that your prospects may browse on.

Our team takes pride in offering mobile and internet marketing services and designs that impress and deliver results for our clients. We also offer an essential social media marketing strategy in New Orleans to help you optimize your business through mobile.

Mobile Marketing and Design Services that Deliver

Mobile App Development – Ready to take your brand to the next level with its own app? Our team will work closely with you to develop a useful mobile app your customers will love.

Mobile Software Development – Mobile software development isn’t just about apps, we can help transform any of your applications into mobile compatible versions.

Mobile Ad Campaigns – Mobile ads are cost-effective and a great medium to expand your reach and grow your customer base. Let our team create, optimize and manage a mobile ad campaign that generates you more sales today.

Why Infinitech Designs – NOLA Digital Agency

  • Our team has spent the last 13 years helping local New Orleans, Louisiana companies, and those around the world grow and prosper by leveraging digital marketing and media.
  • From small local businesses to multinational corporations, Infintech Designs has proven that they have what it takes to get the job done right, on time, and on budget.
  • We offer a number of digital marketing services to help owners launch their business on various platform.
  • Helping businesses get exposure both locally and organically.

Contact us today and learn how we can help your company grow month after month.

Client Testimonials

But don’t take our word for it, check out just a few of the over 130+ positive reviews our clients have left for us on Google and other mediums:

“Brian is definitely very informative, and thorough. Not just in the way he explained how exactly I would benefit by working with him, but each month when we go over reports, what exactly was done, how we’ve improved, and even his personal insights, all provide for a very clear picture and remind me every time exactly why I am paying for the expertise. Do yourself a favor, don’t waste your time buying cheap SEO.” -David B. Carson

“It’s hard your business to be known in the digital marketing world, but it’s possible. And Brian and his team made it easy. I co-own a food website with my brother-in-law and since then we are constantly gaining traffic and generating clicks. They also did a good job with our Facebook and Google+ through their social media marketing. Are we going to ask for their help again? Heck yes!” – Edna Bright

“My website design looks fresh and up to date. I suggested some changes too but all the work were done by the web designers from Infintech Designs. If not for them, my site will still look messy and not up to date.” – Greg Ruben

What We Do Best – App, Software and Digital Marketing Development

When we work with companies, we work tirelessly to firmly grasp the vision you have for your brand and the goals and timeline in which you expect to reach them in.

As internet marketing service providers we work to capture the voice of your company by better understanding your company’s goals, its origin, and where you, the founder, hopes it will be in a few months, years, or even decades.

Once we understand your company and vision, we carefully craft an effective marketing campaign tailor-made to give you the results you want/need, while connecting with your prospects and customers on an individualized basis.

Some of our Other Local Services

Get more for your business with our recommended New Orleans internet marketing services.

  • Search engine optimization – Our New Orleans SEO strategies can help you gain higher visibility, earn more leads and generate more phone calls and inquiries by showing up when and where your target audience searches for your products and services.
  • Graphic design – Nothing is better at grabbing the attention of prospects than eye-catching graphics that match your theme and get your brand message across.
  • Social Media Marketing – Grow your audience, establish trust and engage in meaningful conversations with your market.
  • Content Marketing – In the world of internet marketing and digital media, content reigns supreme. Our team can carefully craft content that engages and converts your audience, turning them into fans and loyal customers.
  • Lead Generation – Leads are the lifeblood of any business. Let our team develop lead gen campaigns to provide your sales team with a steady flow of fresh hot prospects daily.

Community Involvement

For years, founder Brian Hong has been a pillar in the SEO and digital marketing community, providing value and insights into trends and effective marketing strategies. He has been featured in the likes of:

  • Forbes
  • Entrepreneur
  • Inc
  • And others…

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