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Pay Per Click Marketing

Most people that have used the internet for a while and have a website will tell you that to get regular traffic quickly, pay per click is a tried and tested method. Although there are a variety of marketing methods that are successful on the internet, this one is still the most effective. Many internet users will see the ads but don’t fully understand how pay per click works so below are listed a few hints to make this easier to grasp.
All that happens here is an advert (some text with a url link), often in blocks of two or more, is placed on various other websites that are popular and receive large numbers of visitors. Very simply, you will pay the site (that the traffic comes from) a small amount from your account but only providing the visitor stays more than 10 seconds. Now, the advert you have inserted on another site is directly related to the product or services the hosting site offers otherwise the advert would be wasted. However this is not the only advantage because you only pay for the advertising when it is used, which means if someone doesn’t visit your site through the link you do not pay.
With other types of advertising you pay in advance but there is no assurance that anyone will bother taking any notice of it but it has still cost anyway. There have been stories about company’s competitors carrying out dirty tricks by continually clicking on their link in an effort increase their advertising costs but thankfully that is not something that occurs very often. From a business viewpoint, pay per click marketing is extremely effective at targeting the exact market the business wants. People who see your ad are already interested in the product or service you are promoting.
This pay per click method is best illustrated with Google’s Adwords facility but this is not the only one. All that happens is people will only see your advert if they enter a search phrase or just a single word that you have designated Google to use. Depending on how much you have paid your advert will either be at the top of the search result page or in the right hand column.
For many people, part of the appeal about pay per click marketing is the immediacy. When the ad goes up, you will have a good idea as to whether or not it is effective. Pay per click search marketing is something that is very simple to use, but at the same time is nearly essential to making online in business today.
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