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The Power of Company Aug 09, 2021

The Power of Company Images: 5 Ways to Rank Higher on Search Engines

You’ve heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” before, but how many images are actually on your website? Images are not only aesthetically pleasing to readers; images have power.

They can make or break your content’s ranking in search results. If you want to rank higher for keywords and reach more people with your business, then this post will show you 5 ways that images can help you do just that!


Why are Optimized Images Important for Your Business?

There are many reasons why optimized images are important.

Some of these are:

  • They are a way for your customers to see what you look like.
  • It increases the likelihood that images will be found on social media and the internet.
  • They can increase your traffic and search ranking factor to your website.
  • They can boost the chances of search engine crawlers and someone clicks on an ad for your site as well.
  • Can help encourage people to sign up for a newsletter or subscribe to your blog.
  • Images are a way of connecting with customers and potential clients on social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

These are why images are important and should be optimized before they are used by business owners.

Remember, if you want images that will rank higher on Google search results, images should be optimized and optimization includes images with keywords in them.


5 Ways To Rank Higher Using Optimized Images


1. Create a Company Logo

Company A company logo is a graphic mark or emblem belonging to and representing the organization which it represents.

A company logo is often seen as a marketing tool and is used by companies in order to create an “identity“.

When you search, images of logos are incorporated in images that are related to your query, which means images of logos are an important factor when you’re getting images for your business.


A company logo should be simple enough to not require explanation, but complex enough so that the viewer can tell what it is.

When you’re creating a business logo for your own use or for clientele, remember these images will need to be optimized as search images in order to rank higher on Google Images which means they must meet certain requirements.

  • Images that fill more than one-third of the screen must have a minimum width size of 1200px and be no larger than 3000 px wide.
  • Images should not include words or phrases that are unrelated to your company in any way, shape, or form.

For example: “Hello World!” is not a good phrase to have in images as it is unrelated to a company’s identity.

  • The images should be of an appropriate size and quality, not too small or blurry.

Images that have been optimized are crucial for ranking higher on Google Images because they show up more frequently when someone searches images related to your business/company.

For example: if the images are images of different products belonging to your company, images that have been optimized will show up more often when someone searches for images pertaining to those particular products.

What About Non-optimized Images?

Non-optimized images will still show up when someone searches for images of your business/company, but the images may not rank as high on Google Images.

This is because they do not meet certain requirements like having an appropriate size and quality or filling more than one-third of the screen.

Non-optimized images are also images that have not been optimized for ranking higher on Google Images to get images of your company.

This means they may be too small or blurry to rank as high in images and will need to meet some requirements before you can maximize your company’s exposure by having them show up more frequently when someone searches an image related to your business.

Non-optimized images are not as effective for ranking higher on Google Images, but they will still show up when someone searches images related to your company and products.

So what specifically are the images that must not be used in your business?

  • Images with copyrighted images of other companies/businesses and images in which the company is too close to the image. These violate copyright laws and can result in penalties by search engines such as Google or Bing if these types of images have been uploaded without written consent or used images that are copyrighted images of other companies.
  • Images with images of people who have not given written consent should also not be used on any website or blog post because these images are personal to the person in them, and they cannot give permission for their images to be displayed on another site.
  • Search engines will penalize your business/company if you use images without someone’s explicit permission.

Always remember that if you want a professional logo, don’t use copyrighted images.

Since they’re licensed to the company that owns them, logos with copyrighted images may come off as unprofessional and uncreative.

Copyrighted images are not allowed to be reproduced or used in any company’s logo. Stay away from that and use a creative approach instead!


2. Use the Same Image On All your Social Media Platforms and Profiles

The images that you post on your social media profiles for your business can have a lot of different effects. To rank higher in images search rankings, it is important to use the same images across all of your social media profiles and posts.

You might ask, “why is using the same image on your social media profiles are important?”

  • Here are the reasons why:
    This will make it more likely that people will notice your pictures and click on them leading to more engagements and more followers.
  • A lot of images that people search and use on social media are stock images which can be a problem if you have competitors using the same images.
  • It is important to stick with your own images so they will not get lost in the mix when it comes to search rankings and engagement rates because those images may end up getting tossed around between different companies and losing recognition.
  • This can lead them to want to purchase the same products as well as support your business which then leads back into a higher ranking in images search engine results.

Here are the images you can use for social media:

  • Optimized images
  • High-Quality Images
  • Images with the logo of your business on them
  • Pictures of people using or holding products from your company.

This is a great way to get engagement and show off what customers are doing with their orders. For example images of people wearing a shirt with your company’s logo on it.

Images that show the members of your team so potential customers can get to know them and see what they are like in person.

Use the same images on all your social images. Keep images consistent across all platforms and profiles to keep up with SEO.

In order to rank in search engines, it is important to use a good resolution for images as well.

Always consider these things when using images:

  • Image format should be in JPEG and have a resolution of 300dpi.
  • Images that are too small will not show up on some search engine results.
  • Images can also be optimized for the web by using compression, specific image file names, file sizes or resizing, saving images as GIFs or PNGs, etc.
  • Images should also be visible on a variety of screen resolutions.

Images that are too large might not look good when the user’s browser window is small or if images are viewed from mobile devices.

Organizing images into folders within your site will help make things easier for visitors to find images more easily and quickly, but images can also be organized through tags.

It is also important to include credits or attributions for images in your blog post as well. This will allow people who might not know about you before to find out more about what your company is all about.

Images are a powerful tool to use for marketing your business online, so it’s important that images can be optimized across different platforms and profiles in order for them to rank higher on search rankings.


3. Add A Link to Your Website From Any Online Profile You Have


When you add images to any social network, it is important to include a link back to your website and multiple pages.

This will help people navigate easily to your website and get more information about your company. This is one of the ways to increase your online presence. This includes social media profiles, forums, and blogs.

When doing this, make sure to

  • Add images on your website or social media posts to improve SEO
  • Always add up-to-date images
  • Create a blog profile for social media sites with a high online reputation
  • Register with niche directories and business listings services like Yelp, Google Local, Foursquare, etc.
  • Use images as icons or links on your profiles
  • Create images with keywords for search engine optimization purposes

A link to your website can help visitors find and follow other images on your account that they might be interested in.

It is always important to have a strong connection between images on all of the accounts where you post images.

This way, images on a social network will be able to draw more traffic and visitors back to your website.

It is important to include images on your website because they can be the difference between ranking higher or lower on Google. Images should also go beyond just a company logo and images should be optimized with keywords to increase search engine rankings.

Images have a lot more value than just being used as decoration for a website; they can increase traffic and conversions.


4. Make Sure That Each of Your Images is Optimized For Search Engines and Tagged Properly

In order to rank high in Google, you need to optimize images by making sure that they have the right tags. You need to find out how images are indexed for Google images and others.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Upload images at a larger size, which will make the images more visible on search result pages.
  • Give your images meaningful file names and captions that are relevant to what is shown on the image.
  • Use keywords that are relevant to your business/company content so you can rank images higher on search engine results pages.
  • Include phrases liketext here” if there’s not enough room for a caption on an image, which will help you rank images higher in Google images and other search engines.
  • Use image alt tags that are relevant to the content. This is one of those essential images optimization tips that can help images rank higher on search engines
  • Don’t forget to tag images! Tagging images is another one of those essential images optimization tips for ranking images high in Google images and other search engines, which will generate traffic to your website.

Understanding that images are indexed for Google images and others is crucial.

Tagging images help your images rank higher on Google pages by describing what they contain. There is no reason not to take advantage of tagging images because it’s one of those essentials that many people overlook!

Tagging images also help you get more visibility because it’s a way for people to find you!

This will help your website rank higher on search results and get more traffic from people who need your product or service.


5. Hire Someone Who Specializes in SEO Photography to Take Professional Pictures for You

If you’re a business, it’s essential to have great pictures.

A professional photographer specializing in SEO photography can capture the best images of your products and services for web marketing purposes.

Make sure your photographer has knowledge of these things:

  1. Images of your business
  2. Images of what you sell
  3. Images that are great for marketing purposes on the web (SEO photography)

The photographer should be knowledgeable in these areas and can offer additional insights into how to optimize visuals for searches.

This way, you’ll rank higher on search engines!

Start and Experience its Best Results

These are the 5 tips we’ve outlined that will help you optimize your website and ensure that it is ranking high on Google for your target keywords.

It is important that you use and apply these things to experience the best results. With the help of these steps, you can expect higher rankings on search engines and achieve your business goals.

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