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How to Create A Good Restaurant Website

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Be in the spotlight as the best restaurant in your locality with an optimized website.  Having a website allows you to share your story and personality to attract more customers.  

Most often than not, customers have questions and need information that they can access at one click when they are looking for the products you create and the type of service you provide.

A restaurant website can provide the first good impression on customers because it is often the first stage of experience that a customer gets from your business.  Websites are great avenues to show off your products and the overall atmosphere of your restaurant. 

 It can be a one-stop shop for what they are looking for, including information that they want to know about your restaurant.

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We have gathered great ideas from expert restaurant web creators on how to make a website for your restaurant:

Plan Out Your Content and Choose a Content Management System

What you want your customers to see and feel when they go to your website should be at the heart of what you do.  You want your customers to be able to get the information they need when they visit your site because that is their main purpose: to know more about your restaurant.

To be able to deliver what your customers need, you should understand their behavior and identify what type of information they most often look for.  Complement this with what action you want them to do once you provide the information they want. 

Here are some great options of information that customers often look for on a restaurant website:

  • A clean and uncluttered homepage that provides the following:
  • Business name or name of your restaurant (prominently placed)
  • A captivating tagline that simply explains the service you provide
  • One or two eye-catching visuals to hook your customers
  • A well-laid-out menu that is clear and intuitive to entice your customers.  Provide great pictures and prices of your selection of dishes.
  • A gallery of delicious-looking and tempting photographs of the food you serve and the ambiance of your restaurant.
  • A reservations page where your customers can automatically book a table in your restaurant.
  • Easy-to-use delivery orders interface that allows customers to directly pick up their orders and place orders.
  • A contact page that provides all relevant contact information such as:
  • Opening hours
  • Location
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Link to your social media accounts
  • Contact for
  • Subscription form to your newsletter, if you have one
  • An ‘about’ or ‘our story’ page where you share your unique culture, the story of your brand, and your great team.
  • Life-changing testimonials from your customers that highlight your unique products and your exceptional service.

After identifying the information you will publish on your site, you should be able to choose the best site builder.  How you design, build, launch, and manage your website will depend greatly on how user-friendly your site builder is.  

Experts advise that you choose from either of these best platforms to use to build restaurant websites:

  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • GoDaddy
  • Webnode
  • WordPress

If you are thinking of using WordPress, think again.  WordPress-created restaurant websites can require frequent upkeep.

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Choose a Customized and Captivating Template

Choose a template for your restaurant website that will allow you to tell the story of your brand and show off your unique products and/or services.  Make sure that each of the items in the content we listed above is included.

Templates are often a good start in determining how you want your content to be presented to your customers so make sure that you are able to customize these major elements of your site:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Add and remove pages
  • Customize pages

Remember that templates are very customizable so play around until you get the result you want.  Be creative and keep your business and marketing goals and customers’ needs in mind as you select the perfect template that you will use for your restaurant website.

Make Your Brand Stand Out on Your Website

Be very thorough until you have placed all the details you need on your restaurant website.  Details will include being able to make your website look professional and engaging with branding and visual language that move your visitors.

Look after the following elements that you should include on your restaurant website:

  • A distinct and remarkable logo that will make your visitors remember you and understand what you uniquely offer at a glance.
  • An aligned visual language that is cohesive in all aspects to evoke the right emotions that speak your brand’s voice.  Consider the color palettes and fonts that you use across all pages of your website.
  • A domain name that includes a keyword that depicts the type of cuisine you serve or the town where you are located.

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Ensure Your Visibility Online With SEO and a Mobile-Friendly Restaurant Website

Ordering Food Online - Infintech Designs Whether you like it or not, your customers are looking for you through their mobile phones.  Most customers today browse through the internet on their phones because it’s the most convenient to carry around.

Make sure that your restaurant website is visible across all mobile devices so your customers can reach you even while they are on the go or while they are slouching on their living room sofa.

For a mobile-friendly website, take note of the following:

  • Simplify your content and navigation
  • Strip down all elements to their bare necessities
  • Use font sizes and colors that remain clear on mobile

Another important aspect of restaurant websites is to optimize them for search.  This means that you should mind how your website will rank on search.  Of course, you will want your website to appear first when customers are looking for the food you serve and/or the service you provide.

SEO experts can make your website be on top of the search in local SEO results.  It is wise that you also sign up for Google My Business which allows you to showcase important details of your business and increase your online visibility.

Infintech Designs is a digital marketing agency that can help you with building your restaurant website and optimizing it with the right content and other elements that will make you appear on top of search results. 

We can help you plan out a marketing campaign with an optimized restaurant website that is sure to perform and bring results for your business. 

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