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Web Designer New Orleans: Spread Your Business in Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are no longer just a passing fancy; the sites are already part of modern culture and are, undoubtedly, here to stay. Just think, the huge number of locals and tourists accessing social networking sites daily or rather hourly, make these sites a very promising field for advertising business. Thus, web merchants from New Orleans should consider hiring a web designer New Orleans-based who is proficient in social media marketing.

Consider these figures: New Orleans has around three hundred thousand locals plus an unknown number of tourists. If at least half of those people frequent social networking sites and if those individuals have at least one hundred “networks” or “friends”, within New Orleans, within the country, or even abroad, that would be more than a million potential visitors, who could also be potential customers. Obviously, social networking sites are areas which should be explored not ignored.

While a reliable web designer New Orleans-based can create a visually attractive and effective company website; a reliable, socially-aware, and up to date web designer, who knows the way around and all over networking sites, can create an effective social media marketing plan that will attract the attention of and connect with these potential visitors from New Orleans in the platform that the visitors are most familiar and most comfortable with – the social networking sites.

Social networking sites (SNS), operative word networking, are emerging as one of the more popular platforms for internet marketing. Social networking sites, like bebo, facebook, myspace, twitter, flickr, tumblr, orkut, and multiply, subtly allow the company “advertisement” to be part of the regular surfing activity of internet users. The marketing style in social networking sites is soft sell, very engaging, and not that annoying to the internet users.

Web designers, who use social networking sites to promote the company of their clients, employ fun and cool methods, such as games, applications, forums, or fan pages, to introduce the company and the products or services of the company. Moreover, the web designers can help their clients isolate and reach out to their intended market. For instance, if the clients sell cosmetics, their web designer can create a game intended for girls and introduce the products of the company as part of the game.

In addition, web designers can also place the link of the company website on the profile pages of the company on the social networking sites. Hence, internet users, who frequent the company profile page, can just click on the link and be instantly taken to the company website where they can learn more about the company and the product or the services of the company and maybe even request for the products or services.

Since social networking sites are interactive, the clients or the web merchants can receive and reply to messages or feedbacks from internet users, via chat, comments, and discussions threads. Moreover, customers can even send messages or feedbacks and post comments which the web developer or the web merchants can attend to immediately making social networking sites great venues for instantaneous customer interaction.

Indeed, advertising in social networking sites is one of the best and fun ways to reach out to and to communicate with millions of internet users who could turn into potential customers. If you realize the promise of marketing your New Orleans business in social networking sites and wish to enlist the services of a reliable web designer New Orleans-based who is proficient in social media marketing, visit or call 504-717-4837. Ask for Brian Hong, the web design expert.



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