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What’s Wrong with Bargain Basement Logos?

It’s never been easier, or cheaper, to get a new logo for your company… if you aren’t very picky, that is. Not only are office-supply chains offering ready-made logos as part of their stationery printing, but there are any number of places you can go online and find overseas firms ready to give your business a new look and feel for less than you’d spend on dinner and movie.

Since everybody likes to save money, what could be wrong with getting a bargain basement logo?

Nothing really, but unless you’re running a company that markets itself as being a low-cost, low-frills provider, it’s probably not going to generate the kind of attention and impression you’re hoping for. That’s because, deep down, we all know quality when we see it. You simply can’t expect to pay next to nothing for your new logo design and get something that’s going to make a great impression on new customers.

Are we just saying this because we have designed high-quality logos for years? Judge for yourself; look around at some of the super low cost providers out there, and then ask yourself whether you would want their work representing your business. There’s nothing wrong with saving money where you can, but going with a cut rate logo is a pretty good way to save your business a lot of future profits at the same time.

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