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Daniel – SEO Consultant

Daniel Estabillo was the head of the technical SEO department before acting as the team’s SEO Consultant at Infintech Designs. He advises the entire technical team and recommends to improve the web design and development department. With his passion for all things SEO and web development, he loves finding new ways to improve website performance.

Daniel is a top-notch project manager who ensures all deliverables related to technical SEO are completed. He engages in client-facing to provide quality customer service by ensuring clients’ requests and concerns are acknowledged and carried out. Communicating and delegating tasks to other departments and team members have become smooth since Daniel joined the team!

Daniel said he loves the pieces of trainings, team feedback, and constructive criticisms within the team.

Tech Design Head“I love working with Infintech Designs because of the culture and how we are flexible in all that we do.”, Daniel further declared.

“When not working, I love going out with my wife and exploring the city of Melbourne, watching various TV series and movies, cooking, exploring different cuisines, and shopping. I play the keyboard and guitar as part of the music ministry in our church. I also do cryptocurrency and stock trading.”

With over 5 years of experience in this field, he’s done a lot to help websites and business achieve their goals.

If you are looking for help with your website’s technical SEO, then Daniel is the person who can help.

When it comes to web development and search engine optimization, Daniel is an expert. You will never be wrong to entrust your needs to him.

Infintech Designs is lucky to have such a talented and driven individual on our team!

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