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A whopping 75% of potential clients form opinions based on web design. Make sure yours impresses, amazes, and moves them into action.


Web design is a system of developing visuals, navigation, and content to create websites.

A reliable web design services company can integrate a responsive design with branding elements to build an exceptional site.

Consumers often mistake web design for web development, but they are two different things.

Web design is a subcategory of web development, which refers to preparing a site for the internet or an intranet.

Below are some of the most common types of web design services our clients require.

  • E-commerce websites: Companies use these sites as selling platforms. This product is one of the most popular web design services for small business owners, especially for WordPress sites.
  • Responsive websites: With consumers using different gadgets to visit sites, it’s essential to apply an adaptive design. These sites adjust to whatever screen size the consumers use to provide them with a pleasant experience.
  • Brochure websites: These sites are digital versions of a company’s printed brochures. They provide information on products and services but don’t sell them online. At Infintech Designs, we offer these services and more. We aim to provide clients with superior digital marketing services in one convenient location.


Infintech Designs is your one-stop digital marketing company specializing in SEO and web design services.

Since 2003, we have helped businesses of varying sizes and industries from all over the country achieve their digital marketing goals.

These are some of our top services:Web design services - Infintech Designs

Two factors set us apart from the competition: our skilled professionals and world-class services.

Our founder Brian Hong is an expert in web design, SEO, e-commerce solutions, search engine marketing, and logos.

We’ve built a culture of excellence, and all members of our team undergo continuous training to hone their expertise.

Additionally, we value our customers and observe customer-centric practices that focus on their growth. We apply the three Ps in dealing with our clients: professionalism, patience, and a people-first attitude.

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These strengths enable us to offer the best web design services in New Orleans. We developed a three-step process to build sites that inspire audiences into action:

  • Set goals. Together, we will set realistic goals for your site that will motivate and excite you.
  • Create a plan. Next, we will consult with your decision-makers to determine how to tell your story. We will choose site components together, from design to visuals and copy.
  • Produce a mockup. When we have the necessary information, we will build a prototype of your site before launch. We will thoroughly check for any aspects that need editing. We will keep in constant communication with you throughout the development and quality assurance processes until your site is ready to launch. We will not stop until you are 100% satisfied with your website.


Working with us to produce or improve a website has many advantages.
Here are the top three reasons why you should hire a professional web designer:

  • Create a lasting first impression: A consumer only needs an estimated 0.05 seconds to decide if your products and services are worth a shot. Give your website a fighting chance against a sea of competition.
  • Boost your revenue: Communicating with your audience through your website can increase your sales between 15 to 50%. It’s an ideal way to generate leads and convert audiences.
  • Establish your brand authority: Working with a professional team can help you build your reputation as a reliable information source for consumers and search engines alike.


Our Google Reviews will give you insight into what our clients think of our services. To date, we have an impressive 5.0 rating from 231 reviews.

Check out these testimonials from our clients:

Infintech Designs is our most trusted web designer here in New Orleans. They are all professional in their work and customer service. I had no problem receiving updates about the progress of the website. They worked out everything so we can reach the deadline. Talented web designers and I had no doubt they knew what they were doing.” – Rodney Weaver

Our wonderful website is all thanks to Infintech Designs in New Orleans. It was even better than we imagined it would look like! It was also built for search engine optimization. They finished everything in time for our deadline. I have nothing but high praises for Brian and his team of experts.” – Johnny Urbina

Infintech Designs in New Orleans has exceeded my expectations on web design and on-page SEO services. Their strategies and expertise have assisted in bringing our business to the top of the search engines. Brian was also willing to work hand in hand with us. Our respect and gratitude for the whole team!” – Douglas Williams

It’s time to discover how we can help you boost your digital presence. Book your free consultation now to take your business to new heights!

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