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You’re passionate about your business. You want to share its story with others, help new customers, and build a community of clients. Ultimately, you want to help others.

Invest in Content Marketing that Delivers

Content marketing effortlessly shares your passion through storytelling, and it can quadruple your business’s marketing ROI. It builds relationships with customers, educates customers about your business, and can encourage community-building in your audience.

From a press release on the story of your business’s origin to an interview where you outline the reasons your clients need your services, to case studies detailing your successes from past customers, content marketing allows connection with your business and validation like no other marketing technique.

Campaigns Custom Tailored to your Brand & Audience

At Infintech Designs, our team has spent years perfecting content marketing solutions. We’re able to incorporate your customers’ top concerns, values, and goals into your content, seamlessly weaving your business and their lifestyle together.

If you’re ready to launch your content marketing campaign, call our expert team. With our professional content strategies, your business can connect with your consumers on a deeper level and build a community of loyal clients.

Why Infintech Designs’ Content Marketing Team?

Content Marketing - Infintech Designs Infintech Designs is a Louisiana internet marketing firm, that has been serving local businesses for 13 years. Our team is equipped with a deep knowledge of content strategies for varying industries, social platforms, and clientele.

Though other content marketing companies may be able to create solutions for your business, our firm is unique in its focus on NOLA-based professionals. We’ll be able to share your company’s stories and connect with customers with ease, in a way that’s natural for your hometown business.

In addition, our team has experience working with news outlets, distributing white papers, and connecting with the community. Your business’s local presence can be built through our reliable content marketing services.

Here are a few other reasons clients rave about our work:

  • Our Creative Team Writes Magnetic Copy – Copy That Your Clients Will Read. Rather Than Churn Out Generic Press Releases And Industry News, We Craft Each Piece To Fit Your Clients’ Reading Style.
  • We Don’t Just Write Content; We Also Analyze It. As We See What Type Of Content Is Most Effective For Your Business, We Can Maximize That Content To Boost Your Visibility.
  • Our Marketing Company Has Worked With Major Organizations Like The NBA, Swerve Sweetener, State Guard Mississippi, And Others. We’re A Trusted Choice In The Louisiana Area.
  • When You Work With Us, Our Content Experts Will Ask Extensive Questions To Fully Understand Your Brand Personality, Values, Tone, And Goals. When We Create Content, It Will Compliments Your Brand Image.
  • We Strive To Fine-Tune Your Brand’s “Voice”: Is It Luxuriously High-End? Casual And Relaxed? Caring And Thoughtful? Confident? Content Marketing Artfully Completes Your Brand Personality And Connects With Potential Customers.
  • Email Lists Are A Highly-Successful Form Of Marketing. However, Getting High Open Rates For Your Newsletters Can Be Tricky. We’ll Work With You To Optimize Your Email Marketing.
  • We Employ Local Talent From Louisiana. By Working Alongside Us, You’re Supporting Local Writers Who Have Perfected Their Craft And Desire To Serve Louisiana Businesses.
  • As Your Audience Grows, Your Content Needs May Change. Our Team Is Flexible And Can Adapt To New Topics, Avenues, And Opportunities As They Become Relevant To Your Brand.
  • Our Clients Receive Regular, Detailed Updates On The Success Of Their Marketing Strategies And The Next Steps Planned.

We believe in total support for our clients’ content marketing efforts. That means we’re willing to coordinate your strategy from beginning to end – even if you don’t currently have a white label content marketing strategy.

Whatever your industry, you can trust our experienced professionals to build your business’s reach through data-driven, creatively-written content.

What is Content Marketing? And why should you care…

Blog Content Marketing Content marketing definition: The term “content marketing” encompasses a variety of marketing strategies and resources that can build your business’s reputation. These can include press releases, interviews, white papers, blog posts, industry news, and more.

Good content marketing should improve your brand’s positioning, generate leads (potential customers), and ultimately improve sales.

Content marketing examples: If your business released a new product, we might write a press release detailing the new product; we would also arrange an interview, as an opportunity to explain the necessity of your product.

Alternatively, if you operate a long-running service business, we can write authoritative case studies to show the benefits of working with you.

Content marketing wiki: For more information on content marketing, the Wikipedia page on content marketing provides a thorough overview of its purposes and benefits.

Other Internet Marketing Services we Offer

With content marketing solutions, you can grow your business’s clientele.

However, without a strong logo, a comprehensive online reputation management plan, or an influential social media presence, your content marketing’s effectiveness could fall flat.

It’s important to build a cohesive brand throughout your marketing. That’s why we offer all our clients a variety of marketing services: you’ll be able to create a unified brand, which provides a more memorable impact on potential customers.

Not all content marketing agencies offer each of these services, but we believe it’s important for your brand to present a cohesive image.

  • Search Engine Optimization: When your customers search for your services, does your company appear on the first page of Google results? No? You could be losing valuable business. Talk with us – we can help.
  • Custom Website Design: Your website is your business’s virtual storefront. It’s important to ensure it makes a professional, impactful impression on visitors. Contact our web designers for custom web design work that matches your brand personality.
  • Other Services: Logo design, mobile marketing, affordable guest post service, and more – our specialists have extensive knowledge of a variety of digital marketing fields. If you would like to build your brand, contact us for a custom digital marketing strategy today.

Here are a few success stories we’re proud of:

  • Deborah said, “With these guys, I got exactly what I was always looking for — finally — my website.”
  • Gaven said,  “I knew I was over my head, wow, it’s totally complicated. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I had a consult….A year in now, and I’m blown away with the results.”
  • Dan said, “I appreciate the honesty in your approach, and if the first three months are any sign of what’s to come, I know my business is in good hands here.”

Your customers are searching for your services….

They’re trying to find you, or determine whether they should purchase from you. They’re researching your media presence, your expertise, your email newsletter, your online content.

Are you building trust with them through a content marketing strategy?

If you don’t have a content marketing strategy in place, call us for a free quote. We’ll listen to your brand’s values, goals, and defining traits, and determine the best way for you to expand your reach through content today.

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