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What is Digital Marketing and Web Design

Businesses today rely on marketing and web design to get their business out to the world, but how do they really know what digital marketing or web design is?

From web development to visual web design software like web page builders, many aspects come into play when creating a web design.

One of the main goals of web developers and designers is for web users to get what they need as fast as possible, or at least the web page should load faster. There are web design aspects such as web page builders and web page design ideas that can enforce this goal.

Another web design aspect is web page web traffic. A web developer would want web page web traffic to increase sales and profit for the business owner. When a website is easily navigatable, then the web user will spend more time on it and eventually get what they are looking for much faster.

Trusted Web Design, Digital Marketing Company in Lafayette

In today’s day and age, almost every business needs a web presence. To stay competitive in Lafayette Louisiana, you need to keep up with technology. You might need the help of digital marketing agencies.

Many online shoppers make use of search engines when looking for products or service providers within your industry niche. If they find an offline competitor first, they will most likely choose to visit that web page over yours.

Websites with web design and digital marketing have a higher search ranking than those without web design and digital marketing. If your web page is listed on the first page of the web search results, you can be sure that more people will visit your website.

You may not believe it, but over 95% of online shoppers never go past the web page displayed on the web search results’ first page. If you are not listed there, then you might as well not exist online.

Facing fierce competition from local web designers and web design firms in Lafayette, many businesses don’t make it past that first web page. Your website needs web design services if it is to compete with other local web pages.

If you don’t have web design services and digital marketing services, you won’t stay competitive with other web designers in Lafayette. You will not get the web traffic that your web page needs to rank on the web search results’ first page.

How to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to attract Customers

Infintech Designs uses search engine optimization (SEO) to attract search engine users. This search engine optimization (SEO) is an excellent way to develop the search ranking of a website on search engines.

I believe search engine optimization is so important that it should be one of your main focus points in online marketing and search engine rankings. Web design plays a big role also, but without search engine optimization you will not have a chance at search engine rankings.

In search engine optimization (SEO) search engines such as Google will look at a website’s title and description on the results page, the inbound links to the site, how often it is updated, and much more.

By following search engine optimization practices you can increase your ranking exponentially just by doing simple things. Local search marketing strategies are very important for any business to be successful.

Advantages of Search Engine Optimization:


  • improve search rankings
  • lower search engine marketing costs
  • bring more sales/conversion
  • increase search engine visibility
  • increase search engine rankings
  • lower search engine optimization costs
  • bring more visitors/traffic
  • generate sales appointments

The better your website visibility, the better your search engine results. Better search engine results mean better search engine rankings. Better search engine rankings mean more traffic and more sales.

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Web Design, SEO and Digital Marketing Agency

A professional, web design and digital marketing agency can help you achieve incredible results for your business.

Infintech Designs online marketing services and web design can help you make the best use of online marketing by combining SEO, web design, social media, and content creation.

Digital marketing in Lafayette is a very important aspect of overall internet marketing and social media strategy to ensure your business receives maximum returns on its investments.

Over the years, businesses have learned that it can be far more effective and efficient to hire a web design agency than attempting to do the work in-house.

Infintech Designs, as your reliable full-service agency can free up your valuable time, resources, and money for your business by taking over tasks that are often complex. This will allow you to invest your limited resources into expanding on other aspects of your business while we provide an innovative strategy to help you build a better brand.

What are the Services we offer

The web design and digital marketing services we offer have been designed with one thing in mind: increasing your online search rankings for local keywords and more importantly, converting more customers into paying clients.

Our web designers and marketing professionals are highly trained and know how to use web marketing strategies effectively. We provide branding and design services, SEO, email marketing, and social media management for our clients to help increase local business online presence and rankings to drive more leads.

These great website design and marketing strategies have been developed by professionals who understand what business owners need for their web presence to stand out, converting as many leads into sales.


Our Web Design and Digital Marketing Services:

If you need assistance with any services listed above, Infintech Designs will be your best choice. We offer solutions tailored to meet the needs of your business.

Digital marketing is here to stay. It is no longer just a fad or trend but a way of life for many new Lafayette, Louisiana businesses. Don’t get left behind!

Digital marketing is growing in popularity day by day, and most businesses are jumping on the bandwagon to reap the benefits it can offer. It has no limits or borders which means that your potential customers could be anywhere in the world!

Infintech Designs - Lafayette Web Design and Digital Marketing Company

Get Started Today

Let Infintech Designs handle all of your Digital Marketing and Web Design needs. Upgrade your web presence with custom, professional design services and effective solutions that will make you or your business stand out from the crowd!

We have a long history of being a trusted web design firm that is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed, enterprise clients expand, and non-profits achieve their mission.

We’ll be happy to help you develop a plan and incorporate best marketing practices we know will work for your budget. We will make sure that all our marketing efforts pay off with higher sales and increased profits for your business.

Contact us today to learn more about our Digital Marketing & Web Design services fitting for your business.


Lafayette is a city in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana, United States; it is the second-largest city in the state. It is located on the west bank of the Lafayette River, which is part of Bayou Lafayette. The area was originally settled by French colonists in 1721. The city was nicknamed the “Heart of Acadiana.” It is also called Lafayette la belle.

Lafayette is known for its Cajun culture and heritage. It is also home to many Creole, Italian, Spanish, and Vietnamese communities in the area.

After being settled by French colonists during the 18th century, Lafayette was incorporated as a town in 1764. In 1884, it became the seat of the newly formed Lafayette Parish.

While agriculture interests have declined, Lafayette and the surrounding area have been manufacturing centers. The city has become known as a center of film production; it is part of the Greater New Orleans Film Industry Coalition.

There are tons of places to visit while in Lafayette, Louisiana! There’s no way to fit everything into one trip.

The coolest place to visit in Lafayette is the Lafayette Science Museum. The museum has a 4D theater, which makes you feel like your in a movie! There are also tons of exhibits to look at. Some of them include the human body, weather, and earthquakes. The best part about this museum is it’s free!

Another place to visit in Lafayette is The Acadian Village. This village tells the story of how the first settlers of Louisiana lived. You learn all about the culture, how they hunted and used tools, and even see an authentic gumbo being made! There’s also a place where you can even feed animals that you’d find in a Louisiana swamp. The Acadian Village is also free!

The last place worth visiting in Lafayette is the Vermilionville living history museum. This is a recreation of an 18th-century French settlement. You can go inside and see what life was like for settlers, including how they build their homes, cooked food, made free admission!

  • Visit the Breaux Vineyards for a tour and tasting of wine.
  • Find cozy accommodations at Chelsey’s Bed and Breakfast.
  • Find an artistic experience at the Acadian Cultural Center.
  • Ride bike trails that wind through beautiful swamp surroundings.
  • Visit the Historic Downtown for a tour of the Old State House Museum.
  • Eat at great restaurants like Johnny’s Po Boy Factory, Brasil, and The Creole House Restaurant.
  • Visit the Wild Azalea Festival in April. Find live music, food, and crafts in the heart of historic Downtown
  • Find a new favorite spot with Bayou Vermilion Tours.
  • Hike trails through the Louisiana swamps on a guided or self-guided swamp tour.
  • Visit the Louisiana Art and Folk Festival during the springtime in May.

Lafayette locals’ common transportation is usually by car and is headed to one of the nearby cities for a night out on the town. The population of Lafayette is around 120,000 people, with a range of businesses and activities available for entertainment. Entertainment in Lafayette includes local bars and restaurants, as well as movie theaters and shopping centers.

The main highway in Lafayette is the Louisiana Highway 1 (LA1) which runs through the east to the west side of the city. LA1 connects with Interstate 10 about 18 miles north of Lafayette.

LA10 connects with a freeway that goes between Lafayette and Baton Rouge in 20 minutes, making it easy for people to commute between the two cities. The Lafayette Regional Airport offers daily flights to and from Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, and New Orleans. Air transportation is also available to other parts of the country that can be reached through flights and connecting flights.

The bus system in Lafayette, RTA (Rapid Transit Authority), is a frequent way to transport around the city. Visitors and locals use RTA for daily uses such as shopping, going to the doctor, going to the bank, or even just visiting.

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– Saint Martinville, LA

– Scott, LA

– Youngsville, LA

– New Iberia, LA

– Carencro, LA

– Youngsville, LA

– Arnaudville, LA

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