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What is PPC?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is a form of a paid search advertising and is a cost-effective way to reach customers when they are in the buying stage and looking online. PPC is an ideal solution for companies that want to be found easily online, but which do not have large advertising budgets.

It allows you to only pay for click-throughs from real potential customers rather than paying for ad impressions which can result in you receiving visits that have no interest in your product/service.

Pay-Per-Click is an incredibly affordable marketing solution. PPC advertising will only be charged if the ad is clicked on, unlike traditional PPC advertising which can often result in wasted impressions from irrelevant visitor activity.

Together with Google PPC, social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter also use PPC ads.

How Search Engine Optimization connected to PPC

SEO and PPC are both ways to get your website noticed by search engines. They work in tandem, each benefiting from the other.

Here’s how:

PPC creates good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results

An ad is an attempt to capture a searcher’s attention. Search engines rank your website or blog higher if they believe it will be useful to the searcher, so PPC ads can give search engines the impression that your site has great content.

This in turn may cause more people to search for your company, leading to more organic leads.

PPC Services

Types of PPC Ads

Understanding what PPC ads are all about is undoubtedly the first step towards getting PPC ads to work for you. PPC advertising, as explained by Infintech Designs PPC Services, can be broadly classified into two major categories:

PPC search engine marketing (SEM)

The PPC SEM or the search engine marketing PPC advertising is displayed on the search engine results page when users click a particular keyword or phrase.

PPC search engine ads can be text, image-based, or video-based depending on the type of PPC campaign that you create.

Display Ads

Display Ads on the other hand also called PPC advertising network ads are displayed on different websites instead of search engines, and they can be text-based or image-based.

PPC display ads appear randomly on a publisher’s website and users might have to click a specific PPC ad before it disappears.

Other Pay Per Click Ads available:

  • Search Advertising – PPC ads that appear as a result of your website being indexed in Google.
  • Google shopping ads– PPC ads that appear in Google shopping results.
  • Video PPC (or PPC video) – PPC ads embedded in a video content stream.
  • Social Media PPC ads – can also be displayed on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Local Service ads – PPC ads that are displayed on Google Maps.
  • Email PPC ads – PPC ad campaigns that appear in your email inbox.
  • Amazon PPC ads – PPC ad campaigns that appear on

PPC Services Infintech Designs

Why PPC Advertising Services Important to your Business

Incorporating PPC Advertising Services in your marketing campaign is one of the best ways to build a customer base for your products and/or services. This will help you create awareness about your brand and more importantly, get valuable exposure which will eventually lead to better profits.

PPC advertisements are highly visible because they appear on top of search results. It also allows you to target the audience more effectively and because of their nature, PPC ads are less expensive in comparison to other forms of advertising.

Writing PPC adverts can be a tricky job as it involves good knowledge about everything from PPC management services tools to SEO practices in order to make the most out of PPC advertisements.

Hiring a PPC management agency like Infintech Designs can help you in the designing and implementation of PPC campaigns so that your website gets more traffic from search engine users resulting in better sales volume and profits.

Even if you know enough about PPC advertising, working with an SEO PPC company can also help you avoid one of the most common PPC mistakes – PPC bidding wars.

PPC bidding wars often lead to double and triple the bid values which ultimately results in wasted budget.

Infintech Designs PPC Services

Why Choose Infintech Designs for your PPC Campaigns

At Infintech Designs, PPC Management is our unique selling proposition. PPC is the most effective digital marketing strategy available, and it’s what we do best.

To take PPC to the next level, you need PPC experts like us! You need PPC gurus who are not only talented individuals but also have experience working in this challenging environment day in and day out.

We are comprised of PPC enthusiasts who have successfully handled PPC Marketing Campaigns for hundreds of clients. We work smartly and work effectively to help our PPC clients achieve their PPC goals. We also offer web design, SEO and other digital marketing services.

Our PPC Campaign Management Services include:

Facebook Ads

We also offer PPC services on Facebook. Pay-Per-Click is one of the costliest ways to advertise and engage users all across Facebook, no matter where you are advertising. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) allows your ads to appear anywhere on Facebook – newsfeeds, timelines, events, groups, and more!

Google Ads

We utilize Google Ads PPC Management services to make your advertisement more visible and easier to target on the Google PPC search engine. PPC management services are highly suitable for a new business marketer who wants a return of investment (ROI) as soon as possible.

Benefits of Investing in a PPC Services

PPC management service providers must be experienced in the field as these PPC management services are required for special campaigns. An average PPC marketer may not understand your requirements.

Hiring the best PPC management company that knows what exactly needs to be done when it comes to PPC marketing has significant benefits. Not only you will gain the PPC services you require but also will give you a faster and more effective PPC ad campaign.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get when partnering with us:

Infintech Designs Pay-per-click services

  • improved PPC efficiency
  • faster PPC campaigns launch time
  • improved brand reputation and visibility
  • faster PPC campaign rollout
  • increased brand awareness
  • increased traffic volume
  • constant PPC campaigns updates and optimizations
  • easier PPC audit & management
  • trackable PPC campaigns analytics

PPC Management Services Company that Delivers Results

At Infintech Designs, we have a proven track of delivering positive results with our pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns.

We have developed a highly effective system for optimizing PPC campaigns. We take all the guesswork out of pay-per-click spending and focus on maximizing ROI, optimizing landing pages, and increasing conversion rates.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing Services

  • PPC Management Services: free up your time by letting our experts handle all aspects of your PPC campaign
  • Keyword Research: get the most out of every single ad spend with targeted terms in keyword research
  • Content Marketing Strategy: create a compelling and winning web presence for your business from start to finish
  • Copywriting Services: save time, stress, and money while you get more leads
  • Content Creation: boost your brand awareness and increase your quality traffic with a fresh approach to content creation
  • Social Media advertising: take advantage of the exponential opportunities and benefits of social media to help your business grow
  • Optimization: turn a good PPC campaign into a great one with our optimization services
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: optimize your landing pages to maximize the benefits of a good ad spend
  • A/B Split Testing & Analysis: Track and Improve Your Performance
  • Landing Pages Optimization: get more subscribers, leads, and results from our landing pages optimization service
  • Email Marketing Management: increase engagement, build stronger relationships and generate more leads using email
  • PPC audit: a detailed PPC advertising audit to help you get the most out of your advertising investment

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Leverage the power of pay-per-click marketing. Improve your company’s search results ranking, generate traffic, optimize landing pages, and increase your website conversions.

Infintech Designs is your trusted digital marketing company. Contact us today and discover why clients use our pay-per-click services.

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