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Infintech Designs Web Development Services

In today’s world, good web design isn’t just about visual appeal.

Websites today have to present the best user experience. They also have to consider search engine optimization and new technology.

Infintech Designs offers web development services to help businesses keep up with the times.

We can help start and grow your business. We facilitate everything needed. From web development introduction to social media and marketing, we have a team of experts ready to help your business grow.

What Are Web Development Services?

Web development services tackle everything needed to start and maintain a functioning website.

From the creative design process to maintenance, our team of experts will help you every step of the way.

The end product you can expect is an engaging and functional website that works with all available platforms. We have experience in the latest languages, inventions, technology, and frameworks.

We do web and mobile development services to ensure that your website is responsive across all platforms.

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The Website Development Processes

Each website we create goes through a process to help ensure that we complete it on time.

Here is a brief overview of the steps you can expect when working with us:

1. Planning

We must create a concrete plan at the start to avoid any miscommunication.

The approach can be different depending on the type of website you want to create.

Some of the information you will provide to us includes:

  • Type of website you want to create
  • The goal of the website
  • Target audience
  • Budget

Planning will likely involve every member of your team to ensure we get all the information.

You will also need to set the priorities, and we’ll create a schedule that will include the roadmap and deadlines.

Having a concrete plan will make sure we don’t miss any steps while developing your website.

2. Wireframe

Designers and developers will begin work on a wireframe. It is a basic framework that will help everyone understand the starting point of the website.

It has all the relevant information, including what you want on the website.

The wireframe will hold pertinent information such as:

  • Page hierarchy
  • Types of pages included in the site
  • Categories
  • Links

The original plan can change depending on marketing, content, and SEO input. We will remove some pages while others will merge for convenience.

The wireframe is the skeleton upon which we will build the website.

3. Coding

Code is important to help the front-end and back-end of your website.

It will also implement the different design elements and functions you want to include. Coding usually involves several programming languages.

Here are the most popular ones that we use:

  • HTML: HyperText Markup Language is the foundation of all websites.
    Older websites used HTML primarily, but websites today only use it as the foundation and enhance it with other languages.
    HTML5 is the most recent version, which integrates development for mobile phones.
  • CSS: Cascading Style Sheets adds various elements to websites on a cosmetic scale.
    It helps us create web pages that match your vision. It includes aspects such as colors, layouts, and typography.
  • JavaScript: Java helps with functionality, including task automation, interactivity, and animations.
    It is one of the most widely used programming languages, with applications in every digital field.

From here on, we use other languages depending on the requirements of the site.

These include SQL, Java, Python, and others.

4. Back-End Development

The back-end helps your website run from behind the scenes. It handles the storage and organization of your data.

It also connects to servers, acting as an intermediary between a visitor and your database.

The back-end can take a long time to set up depending on your website. Simple informational websites won’t need a significant back-end.

5. Front-End Development

Everything your visitors and users see is contained here. As we develop your front end, we’ll check compatibility, responsiveness, and ease of use.

It is usually the most frequently updated part of the website. It often changes with trends and consumer preferences.

6. Launch

Barring the need for any other programs, we then prepare your website for launch. You determine your website’s domain and IP address.

You’ll likely already have bought one even before web development began.

Once your site links to the domain name, we’ll optimize each part of the site and check for any errors.

Once everything is clear, we proceed to launch. From then on, it is a matter of updating the site and performing maintenance.

We Also Do Custom Ecommerce Website Development Services

Whether you’re starting your online shop or looking for a brand-new way to showcase it, Infintech Designs will help create an e-commerce site that reflects your business.

Our team implements the best conversion rate optimization practices and strategies to pull customers into your site.

How Web Development Become the Most In-Demand Service on the Internet

web development services - Infintech DesignsEvery year, the demand for web development grows. More and more people are discovering the benefits of using the internet.

Having an online presence is important if you want visibility. Businesses have either been adapting their websites to current trends or risking falling behind.

The challenge is that not everyone can handle web development.

It requires a specific set of skills that needs regular updating. Instead of using many resources to learn the process yourself, hiring specialists to get the job done is faster and results in a better website.

With the right web development tools and skills at our disposal, Infintech Designs can help you make your vision a reality. Our web development services have helped businesses from Baton Rouge, Hammond, and other areas in Louisiana.

We also offer logo design and web design services if you’re looking to improve your existing website.

Tell us what you need by calling 504-717-4837. You can also fill out our contact form.

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