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Generate More Leads, Sales & Profits With Google Ads

With over 8.5 billion queries processed every single day from over 5 billion unique users, ranking at the top of Google search results is a critical part of expanding any business.

And using Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) is the best way to get there.

In fact, it could be the most influential tool your business ever uses.

Google Ads allow you to target specific audiences as they search for keywords relevant to your product or services.

In other words, you can cut straight to promoting to ‘warm’ leads and supercharging your sales!

The best part?

You only pay for the leads that click your link and follow it to your website.

This is what’s known as PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.

Although Google isn’t the only search engine that provides this service on their SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)…

Because of the huge number of users (IE potential clients), it’s no surprise that Google Ads are known as the leading platform for PPC advertising online.

Why Use Google Ads For Your Marketing?

High Ranking On SERPs

Have you ever wondered how your business could jump to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs)?

With potentially thousands of competitors online, you need to find a way to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Since 75% of users NEVER go past the first page of Google results, this is an incredibly effective way to ensure you’re there…

…regardless of the size of your business.

When used correctly, you’ll never be short of prospective customers!

With the right combination of industry keywords, fighting for center stage in your niche is a thing of the past.


Despite being super powerful, Google Ads are surprisingly highly affordable.

Because you only pay for the users that visit your page, the overall costs for Google Ads are significantly less than other types of online marketing.

So you don’t have to worry about assigning a large budget to your advertising efforts.

While most Google Ads use a CPC (Cost Per Click) rate, where you pay for each click on your ad, Google does offer other PPC alternatives, including:

  • CPM (Cost Per Mille) – Pay per 100 ad impressions
  • CPE (Cost Per Engagement) – Pay when a user performs a specific action AFTER clicking your ad, such as joining a waitlist or watching a video.

Rapid Results

Unlike other forms of online advertising, which can take months or even years to reach maximum efficiency, Google Ad campaigns get results within hours.

Your prospective customers find what they’re looking for fast, making them even more likely to convert into paying customers!

Huge Reach

Google is the most visited website in the world, with over 90% of internet users using it.

Although there are many other search engines, the Google Display Network stands apart from its competitors – which is why you need to tap into it!

Google Ads are predominantly written in English, but they can also be written in a variety of languages so you can target your audience with laser precision.

Total Control

Google Ads provides detailed analytics to help you measure performance, as well as insights into how customers think and buy online.

With a huge amount of customization options, you’re free to make your ads your way, and execute changes quickly without disrupting traffic flow to your website.

It’s never been easier to secure superior click-through rates.

How Do Google Ads Work?

The success of your ads (IE, the amount of traffic coming to your page) depends entirely on how Google ranks your ad.

Ad Rank is a value that Google created to determine where your ad is displayed on their search result pages (SERPs).

Ad Rank takes in multiple factors:

Bid Amount

The bids you make are the maximum you’re willing to pay for an ad.

Although this might sound scary, the average Google Ad bid is $2.32, which is NOTHING considering that most of your clicks will come from pre-qualified leads!

Bidding higher means higher rankings – but it’s surprisingly not the most important part of ranking high on SERPs.

According to Google:

“Even if your competition has higher bids than yours, you can still win a higher position at a lower price by using
highly relevant keywords and ads.”

Search Context

Google collects a lot of data when a search query is performed. This includes location, the device used, the local time, and more.

Ad Rank will always assess if your ad is relevant to the user.

For example, even with a high-ranking ad, a Florida-based pool cleaning company is unlikely to appear when someone in California searches for ‘Pool Cleaning Businesses.’

Ad Extension Impact

Ad extensions can help increase your ad’s click-through rate (CTR) – which is one of the key factors in measuring ad quality.

If your extensions are proven effective, your ad rank will increase significantly.

Types Of Google Ads

Most people are familiar with text-based Google ads that appear with a small Ad symbol next to them – but these aren’t the only types of ads Google offers.
Allow us to break down some of the most effective ads your business can use:

In Market

This type of campaign targets ads at users who search Google while they’re actively looking for a certain product or service related to your business.

But remember – Google is more than just a list of websites.

An In Market campaign can also target prospective customers looking for products or services in your industry on Google Maps and Youtube through ‘video ad campaigns.’


As the name suggests, this type of campaign targets a specific range of customers based on several factors you can customize.

This includes age, location, gender, and many more options.

Refining your prospective audience in this way can make this kind of marketing incredibly cost-effective, as you’re only attracting leads who are genuinely interested in what your business can offer them.


Instead of targeting new prospects, this form of Google Ads marketing shows your ads to people who have already visited your website.

They serve as a convenient reminder that your business is still there to help them if they didn’t find what they were looking for the first time around.

Also known as retargeting, this form of advertising can dramatically increase your conversion rates.


Because visitors already familiar with your brand are statistically more likely to place an order with you and become loyal customers!

Are Your Google Ads Working?

If you’re unfamiliar with Google Ads, it can be difficult to identify at a glance which of your PPC ads are the most effective for your business.

It’s important to know how to measure the success of your campaigns so you can make adjustments, create new ads, and pull the ones that aren’t as profitable.

The values you check will naturally depend on the type of campaign you’re running.

Here’s how you can see what’s working:

Check Clickthrough Rates (CTR)

This statistic measures how many people click on your ad AND take action on your website, such as buying a product or signing up for a service.

The higher the number, the more successful your ad campaign is.

Costs Per Acquisition (CPA)

This value shows you how much money you’ve spent on an advertising campaign against the campaign’s results.

The lower the CPA, the more successful your campaign.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Whenever a prospective lead clicks your ad, you pay a small fee.

It’s important to measure which ads perform well against how much they cost you.

You might be paying more for certain bids on campaigns that aren’t performing as well as others.

New Leads

It isn’t always about sales.

Sometimes the purpose of your campaign is to attract as many people as possible to your page to boost brand awareness.

In this case, you can refer to the number of people who contacted you or your business after seeing or hearing about you through Google Ads to measure its success.

How Can Infintech Designs Help You?

Google Ad Words can seem complicated – especially if you’re not used to PPC advertising, SEO optimization, and other aspects of digital marketing.

But you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

Our dedicated and reliable Google Ads experts are here to ensure you get the best results for your business WITHOUT trial and error.

We can help you create new Google Ads or optimize your existing ones to dramatically increase traffic and conversions in the fastest time possible.

Whatever your PPC marketing needs – we’re here to help.

  • Improve Your Google Ad Rank
  • Increase Visits To Your Page
  • Save BIG On Your Advertising Budget

Discover the power of Google Ads with Infintech Designs by your side and get the specialist treatment your business deserves.

Need Effective, Affordable Google Ads For Your Business?

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