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Did you know that your landing page is the most important part of your marketing? If you’re not getting conversions, it’s time to optimize. But how do you know what to test?

You need someone who knows conversion optimization inside and out! We’ve helped business owners from all over the world get more conversions with their pages. Let’s work together and see if we can’t turn around your lackluster conversion rate.

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What Is a Landing Page and Why Are They Important?

A landing page is a one-page website that appears when someone searches for something. It’s a great way to get more customers because it tells them exactly what you’re selling and why they need it.

These are important because they’re a form of advertising that delivers a focused message.

This optimization is an SEO strategy to increase the conversion rate on your pages by removing barriers and creating clear calls to action.

The Landing Page Optimization Process

There’s an art behind making every word count, but with this process, you’ll be able to create a page that converts.

  1. Step One: Define Your Landing Page Goals and Set Objectives

    Find out what your goals are for this campaign, then brainstorm some objectives you want the customer to take when they finish reading the website.

    Next, list all of these in order from the most important to the least important objective. The more specific your goals are, the more likely it is that you’ll convert.

  2. Step Two: Include Visuals

    A picture paints a thousand words and when we use visuals on landing pages, they help customers understand what’s being offered in an instant.

    That means less time spent reading text and more time converting! Images are also great for conveying emotions, clear calls to action, and persuasive messages.

  3. Step Three: Create Clear Calls To ActionConversion Optimization Doodle Concept - Infintech Designs

    If you want people to take a specific action on your pages, make it as easy for them as possible!

    Make sure the call-to-action is prominent so that visitors can easily see what buttons they need to click. Landing page optimization means thinking of the customer and what they want.

  4. Step Four: Remove Barriers

    If you’re not sure how to remove barriers, now is your chance! Landing page optimization is all about removing any potential roadblocks in a visitor’s way so that they can convert with ease.

    These could be anything from an unclear headline to too many links to a page.

  5. Step Five: Test Landing Page Optimization

    If you’re not sure what to do when it comes to testing, let this article be your guide! Testing is key because the way people react and respond can vary greatly from one person to another.

    It’s crucial that we test different aspects of our pages so that we can find out what works and doesn’t work.

  6. Step Six: Evaluate Landing Page Optimization

    It’s important to not just test, but then evaluate as well! This is the step in which we see if the optimization efforts have been successful or unsuccessful.

    Evaluating can help you determine whether more testing is necessary before making any changes to the pages.

  7. Step Seven: Apply Optimization To Other Landing Pages

    Once you’re done with one, it’s time for more! Optimization is important because of how well it converts visitors into potential customers!

    Use your newfound knowledge of this subject to make other pages convert as well and watch your average conversion rate soar.

  8. Step Eight: Landing Page Optimization Is An Ongoing Effort

    The key part of optimization is that it’s an ongoing effort, not just a one-time event!

    This means you need to use different strategies and techniques every time in order to achieve the desired result. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to optimization.

  9. Step Nine: Landing Page Conversion Rate

    The final step in the process is to measure your conversion rate and see how it compares with previous campaigns!

    You’ll be able to tell whether you’ve improved on any of these objectives when you notice a difference between this campaign’s average conversion rate compared to others before it.

The Role of PPC in Landing Page Conversion Rates

PPC, or pay-per-click, is a promotional tactic utilized by companies to increase their visibility on websites. The conversion rates are one of the more significant metrics in PPC because they determine how many clicks lead to visitors to your site.Close-up Of A Person's Hand Writing Conversion Rate - Infintech Designs

Page optimization is often a collaborative process that requires input from different departments, such as design and marketing.

  • Problem: These are one of the more significant metrics in PPC because they determine how many clicks lead to visitors to your site.Landing Page Optimization (LPO) emphasizes optimizing pages based on user behavior and what they are looking for. Landing page optimization requires extensive knowledge of CTA’s, layout, A/B testing, and content strategy.It is often a collaborative process that requires input from different departments, such as design and marketing.
  • Agitate: It should be designed with conversion in mind by employing best practices like using persuasive copywriting techniques or including CTAs that encourage users to take action.
  • Solution: The solution is LPO! This includes utilizing best practices like persuasive copywriting and CTAs to encourage users. Optimization is a collaborative process that requires input from different departments, such as design and marketing.

The Anatomy Of An Effective Landing Page

The anatomy of an effective way to improve your landing page begins by having a great headline. Then you need to make sure that your copy is engaging enough for the visitor to read it.

Another thing we would recommend is integrating social proof into your landing page so that the visitor knows that other people have done it.

Landing page optimization is definitely something you want to include in your marketing strategy, if not already.

It will help generate a higher conversion rate for the campaign and provide more information about what’s being offered by your business or product.

It really doesn’t matter how many visitors come to your site as long as they are converting into customers–but of course, we all hope for high traffic numbers too!

The key thing with optimization is that you need to make it easy for them so that they keep visiting and convert on future visits.

There are plenty of tools out there that will help you optimize your pages such as Google Analytics, Website Optimizer, Unbounce, or Leadpages.

Optimization is a great way to improve your landing page rates overall and can be done in many ways by using these platforms.

The Landing Page Optimization Blueprint

Average conversion rates should be monitored constantly to see what works and what doesn’t.

Conversion rate refers to how many people take the action you want them to take on your landing page – in this case, making a purchase. If 73% of visitors are not taking the desired action or converting at all, then you know something needs to change with your page.

Here is what an effective landing page should look like:

  • Landing Pages Have a Single, Focused Message

    Pages that have a clear, concise message and only one goal will perform better.
    It should focus on one thing – and only one. Landing pages that try to do too much and have multiple messages confuse visitors, who are less likely to convert.

    It should have a concise headline that’s easy to read and understand.

    The first thing you should do when designing your landing page is to write a headline that grabs the reader’s attention. Usually, those with long headlines with small types often lose visitors.

    It should be short and concise. The length is probably the single most important aspect of landing page conversions. Pages that are too long get visitors to leave before they read all the information, which means you’ll miss out on conversions.

  • The Landing Page Should Be Simple and Direct

    The landing page should be simple, direct, and clear. It’s the first thing that people will see when they arrive at your site, so it needs to look professional.

    If it’s too complicated or tries to push for a sale before people even have a read, the page gets fewer conversions. It should be designed with the user’s intent in mind.

    Landing page design is all about understanding your visitors. What are they looking for? Pages that send visitors off to other sites, have popups for unrelated offers or require the user to fill out a lot of information before they can download a white paper will have lower rates than those that offer the most relevant information right off the bat.

  • The Landing Page Should Be Easy to Navigate

    People want their landing page experience to be easy. If pages are too complicated with lots of links or unnecessary decoration, pages will have fewer rates. Pages that are simple and easy to navigate or have just one clear call-to-action button do much better.

    It should have a limited number of form fields. The average conversion rate goes down as the number of forms on the landing page goes up.

    Pages with one or two form fields will have a higher conversion rate than those that ask for five different pieces of information.

  • The Page Design Should Be Persuasive

    Visually compelling pages will perform better than those with poor design. The designers have long understood the importance of aesthetics for conversion rates.

    Pages that are too plain or don’t use visuals to convey exactly what the message is often have lower landing page visitors than those with relevant, persuasive image design.

    Also, it should be focused on the user. Landing page conversions will rise when visitors feel they’re being spoken to directly and can interact with the page.

    Those that make a visitor feel like they’re being talked down to or are overly formal to lose visitors. Landing pages that are conversational, friendly, and have a personal tone usually perform better.

  • The Page Should Be Tested Constantly

    Conversion rates are always changing. Pages that haven’t been tested in a while will have less traffic and conversions.

    Landing page rates should be monitored and often tested to ensure that they’re still performing well enough for the site’s goals.

    It is a process that should be done often to ensure conversions are always at their best.

    Landing pages also need to be tested for performance, so it is important to track a variety of metrics.

    Optimization and the testing process can be done manually by bringing up multiple pages at once and comparing them.

    It can also be done automatically with the use of a tool to track and compare performance over time.

    If you want your landing page to be effective, these are exactly what you need in order to make it happen. Use our checklist as a reference for what should be on the page and how it should look!

    Some of these suggestions may seem like common sense, but they can’t hurt if you’re trying to create an optimized site that’s easy to use and will generate more conversions.

How to Optimize Your Landing Pages For Conversion Rates

There are a few things you can do to make sure your landing page is converting.Convert Leads, Conversion Rate Optimization - Infintech Designs

  • First, use tools like heatmaps to see where your visitors are looking on the page.
  • Second, highlight what matters most by using big images or moving text that attracts attention.
  • Third, make sure your form is short and simple with only fields that are necessary to capture the information you need from a new lead.
  • Finally, keep a visitor on your page by using powerful headlines and strong copy throughout the rest of the page.

Another way to optimize landing page conversions is to use the Landing Page Optimization Tool.

The Landing Page Optimization Tool is a service that allows you to automatically optimize your landing pages and increase conversion rates with only one click!

Landing page optimization can also be done manually by following these steps:

  • Invest in Landing Page Optimization tools
  • Conduct A/B testing to see what works best for your landing page
  • It should also include offsite landing page links from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as from blogs that are relevant to the topic being discussed.

Landing page optimization is a simple process, but it can have big results. If you optimize your landing pages, they’ll get more leads and make the customer’s conversion rates increase.

Why Do You Need to Test Your Landing Pages Before Launching Them

Not only do you want to see how your landing page performs, but also make sure it’s easy for new users. This will ensure that they don’t get lost and frustrated with the process of signing up.

If you want to make sure your landing page converts, then it’s all about testing. There are a few ways to do that. Here are some tips on how you can test without wasting time or money:

  • Test Landing Pages with Different Landing Page Copy

    This will help you decide which one converts better and why. It’s also a good way to make sure your pages are still relevant because the content changes often depending on what marketing campaign it belongs to.

  • Test Landing Pages with Different Landing Page Design

    The design can make or break your conversion rate, and it’s important to know which one drives the best results. You also need to pay attention to color, font size, the layout of content, etc.

  • Test Landing Pages for Different Landing Page Call-to-Actions

    This will help you figure out which one drives the best conversion rate and why. You should also make sure that your CTA button matches well with the rest of your design in order to get the best results.

  • Test Landing Pages for Different Landing Page Length

    Others that are long are usually preferred by more experienced users who are looking for a lot of information. While others that are short are usually preferred by less experienced users simply because it’s easier to digest the content in one sitting without getting overwhelmed.

  • Test Landing Pages with Different Landing Page Headlines

    Pages with more informative headlines usually perform better than those who just say “subscribe” or something similar to try to get your attention.

  • Test Landing Pages for Different Landing Page Navigation

    Others that are very simple usually convert the best because they’re easy to read and navigate. While others that are very complex usually don’t convert as well because it’s too hard for the user to figure out what they want or where to go next since everything is just a big list of links with no subcategories.

    It’s important to test your pages before launching them because it will help you increase conversions and improve your sales.

Common Mistakes People Make When Creating Their Own Landing Pages, and How to Avoid Them

One of the biggest mistakes people make when creating their own landing pages is not thinking about what they want to present before they create it.

Be sure to stay away from the following mistakes when creating your landing page:

  • Pushing too many products or services at once – landing pages need to focus on one product and not push anything else at potential clients.
  • Using a long-form sales letter – landing pages should not have a long-form sales letter that goes on for paragraphs.
  • Not including social media buttons or any type of call-to-action button
  • Landing page conversion rates depend on how many potential clients give out their information and what types of notifications they receive from the company.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can have a landing page that can increase the conversion rate and convert more potential clients to your company.

Finally, Make Sure You’re Measuring Results!

Although it’s impossible to measure everything, it’s important to focus on some key metrics.

To measure your results, you need to establish a baseline of how well things are going right now and then set goals! It can be tough to figure out what is reasonable for your goals, but if you know what they should be, you have a chance at achieving them.

One way people do this is by setting their daily goal (e.g., click-through rate) then measuring it over the course of a few weeks, and figuring out where they’re at in relation to that daily goal.Conversion Rate Optimization, Marketing Performance - Infintech Designs

Important Tips:

  • Create One Landing Page per Landing Page Goal
  • Create Landing Pages that are Mobile Responsive (yes, mobile users make up a lot of traffic!)
  • Increase Persuasion with A/B or Multivariate Testing – Use Calls To Actions!
  • Add Whitespace Across the Top of Your Landing Pages for Better Conversion Rates
  • Utilize Landing Pages for PPC Campaigns

Landing Pages can help with PPC campaigns, as well – set up targeted landing pages that contain an AdWords ad or a form where you’re collecting information from the user in exchange for something like a free ebook download. These types of Landing Page Optimization are called “landing page ads”.

If you’re looking to increase conversion rates, then landing page optimization is a must. With the right copy and design, your customers will be more likely to take action on their desired goal during their visit.

Do you want help getting started? Reach out today! Our team of experts is ready and waiting for any opportunities to partner with you in order to create an SEO or digital marketing plan that drives conversions. What kind of landing pages has had success converting visitors into buyers for your business?

Infintech Designs: Your Landing Page Optimization Experts

Landing Page Conversion Rate Optimization is a must especially if you want to increase your PPC conversions. Every business wants to profit that is why we suggest doing this.

If you need help optimizing your landing pages for conversions, give us a call. We can start by analyzing why people are leaving and what we can do to stop them from bouncing out of the site so quickly.

Here at Infintech Designs, we follow a checklist that is proven and tested to help in conversions. Our SEO and PPC experts apply the best practices because not all businesses have the same needs.

We are aware that a landing page makes a big difference to the success of your pay-per-click campaigns, so we are here to help you succeed and reach your goals!

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