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How to Increase Your Website Traffic

When you go to the mall and see a bookstore full of people, you’ll see that only a few go out with a purchased book. You’ll also notice that some people are just browsing around while some people grab a book, only to put it back on the shelf. So then you start to wonder — why does the bookstore stay open even if only a few people make an actual purchase? Just like in the analogy

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5 Ways to Kickstart your Social Media Presence

We all know that most businesses now use social media to promote and boost their business. You may find it hard to keep up your social media presence, but have you asked yourself, are you doing it the right way? As you know, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the most popular social media platforms that we use. That’s why most businesses are always looking for ways to increase their

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The Worst SEO Advice You’ve Probably Heard

In our pursuit of knowledge, we’ve probably been to Google’s web page countless times, and while we usually get the answers we’re looking for, other times we read things that just aren’t right. Unfortunately, some of the worst information floating on the web is related to bad SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices. “Bad SEO Practices that You Might be Making’ This is because

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How to Write Effective SEO Content

An amazing website content writer has the same skill set as any writer does – they do solid research, have advanced grammar skills, creates catchy content, and tells great stories. Website content writers have a natural knack for making boring topics more relatable and interesting. SEO Content Writers are more than Just Writers What sets a website content writer apart is his knowledge of

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The Ultimate SEO Guide for 2020, Made Simple

People who work in e-commerce, marketing, or advertising have most likely come across the term search engine optimization (SEO), and rightfully so. If done correctly, SEO is the simplest, most cost-effective aspect of digital marketing that a company can utilize to increase the visibility of a site in a search engine. This post will help you keep up with today’s digital market climate,

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8 Deadly Google Ads Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Google Ads, previously called Google Adwords, is one of the most effective digital tools in the market today for driving traffic into a site. It does, however, come with an investment, and not using the tool correctly will lead to unnecessary losses. Spending on Google advertising will definitely bring more traffic to your site, but these visitors have little value to the company if they

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10 Banner Ad Design Tips to Help You Stand Out

As digital design experts, we at Infintech Designs get asked a lot about our ad design best practices. It’s not quite as easy as one would think. For us, creating the best banner ads is as much a science as it is an art. Effective banner ads are very important as they increase brand awareness and traffic for a site. Banner Ad Design Best Practices that Helped Us and Will Help You,

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What You Should Know Before Hiring an SEO Agency

More and more businesses are investing in search engine optimization (SEO) to maximize their online success in marketing.   In fact, a study has shown that more than 1.3 million businesses, website publishers, and nonprofits around the US benefit from using Google’s advertising solutions.   SEO has definitely changed the landscape of marketing in a fascinating way with thousands of

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The Deal with Google PageSpeed Insights

 Every responsible and forward-thinking website owner knows that page speed is, in fact, a big deal.  Several strategies are normally put into play to ensure this is achieved.  Some may recommend installing plugins or using WP Rocket to get WordPress pages moving faster.  And while we all agree that this is important to do, have you ever asked yourself exactly what advantages you’re

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11 Amazing SEO Chrome Extensions to Optimize Your Website

SEO Chrome extensions are tools and services in your browser that can save you time and improve your productivity while doing SEO.    They are small programs that add functionality and customize the user experience.   There are free chrome extensions while some can be quite expensive. While there are hundreds of options out there, what works well for you to optimize your site can be

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Can Clickbait Content Used for Good?

Web content like news stories, blog posts, videos, and infographics can use clickbait to drive an audience to click on it. But, clickbait has been debated on for its tricky and misleading content, a negative connotation. Marketers, however, claim that clickbait content, when used wisely and genuinely can boost clickthroughs and page views on your blogs and social media posts that can

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The Best SEO Tools for 2020 that Will Make Your Website Rock

SEO is important for small business owners, bloggers, and online marketers. Needless to say, it is their lifeblood. SEO techniques can either make or break, providing higher ROI or lower ROI, creating more traffic or lesser traffic, and the like. There are hundreds of search engine optimization tools that you can use for link building, keyword search, rank tracking, analytics, and other SEO

How Conversion Rate Optimization Can Boost Your Website

In order to grow your business online through your website, it should be designed in a professional and engaging way so that users who visit will convert to paying customers, the main purpose of conversion rate optimization. Your website has features like the homepage, pricing page, blogs, and landing pages where conversion potentially happens. Each location should be optimized through

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A Winning Keyword Research Process for SEO Success

Google has made it a roller coaster ride for businesses seeking success in their marketing strategies online. With their constant algorithm updates, inbound marketers have been on their toes looking for and adjusting their strategies to optimize their website through the keyword research process. The keyword research process is one of the strategies you can focus on for an SEO win that will

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Fast-tracking your Ecommerce Site for post-COVID

The COVID pandemic has affected major businesses off-line and online. Business establishments have suffered a great loss, especially for the non-essentials. On-line though, through e-commerce sites, there are considerable businesses that have performed very well in their market. Online shopping has been a valuable resort for most consumers. If you’re a business owner, it is imperative to

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