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New Orleans online reputation management (1)

How to Improve Online Reputation Management for your Business

In today’s global economy, your customers have OPTIONS. And as such, the reputation of your brand is worth more now than ever before. But what happens when you make a mistake? Or if an employee does something to tarnish your brand? Or if a product or service failed and caused damages? Things happen. From technological outages, to cybersecurity breaches or failures of communication on

Local SEO for business

Why Local Businesses (Still) Need Websites

With the majority of useful business information now being displayed on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs), a number of small business owners are starting to reject the idea that they need a website. Thing is, 2019 might be the single most crucial time since websites became an option for small businesses to have and maintain a site. Why Small Business Owners are Opting Out of

Online Reviews - Infintech Designs

An In-Depth Guide on How Online Reviews Affect Click-Through Rates on Search

A huge part of the consumer buying process today is reading online reviews hence, online ratings have become an essential part of businesses today. BrightLocal executed their yearly study of Local Consumer Review and it garnered significant results. Their study has proven that reviews have a huge impact on Google Local Pack Results and Organic Search Rankings whilst online reviews creates a

SEO Animated Videos

Why Animated Videos Could Offer Higher Conversion Rates

Should you start investing in animated videos for your business? Recent reports have shown that animated videos are a powerful communication tool to entice customers, which increases the chances of getting higher conversion rates. It has been observed that animated videos, specifically the ones with a “drawn” cartoon and a voice over is an effective way to keep customers engaged. So, we gave

Better Marketing Plan

5 Tips to Create a Better Marketing Plan

One of the primary benefits of outsourcing your online marketing strategy is so that the firm can help you to draft your marketing plan. A marketing plan serves as the basis for all of the online marketing activities that your company will engage in. Here are 5 tips to help you create a better marketing plan. What Is an Online Marketing Plan? An online marketing plan is essentially a written


Five Important Elements of Landing Page Optimization

It can be easy to assume that optimizing a landing page means little more than sprinkling one or two commonly searched keyword phrases throughout the written content. In reality, there are lots of diverse activities that go on, both in the visible page content and “behind the scenes”…that is, if the optimization is being done in the best way possible. A landing page that is lacking in one

Internet Marketing

New Orleans Internet Marketing and SEO on the Rise

New Orleans Web Design and Internet Marketing Company A recent report done by AOL indicates that changes are occurring in how businesses prioritize video as a part of their advertising budgets. In fact, this study shows that businesses are increasingly investing in digital video while advertising spends on traditional TV advertising is declining. While this may seem like an obvious move given

Lead Conversions

5 Tips to Boost Your Lead Conversions

For many businesses, the sole purpose of having a website is to generate leads. Lead quality is extremely important for businesses in determining which leads will eventually turn to sales. As a result, you will need to employ targeted methods of generating leads from your website that are guaranteed to be high quality leads. Here are five tips to boost your lead conversions from your

Youtube Videos

Why Your Business Should Be Using Youtube Videos

While YouTube videos are not recommended for every business, for the majority of businesses, they can be highly effective lead generation tools. Using YouTube videos for marketing purposes also has many other benefits. Here are the reasons why your business should be using YouTube videos. YouTube Is Growing Rapidly According to the YouTube press page, the number of hours people are watching on

Blog Conversion

3 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Converting

If you are writing posts for your blog and you are seeing a low conversion rate, then that is probably an indication that there are some things that you need to change. Creating a blog that will result in sales is not magic and it can be done via proven methods. Here are three reasons why your blog is not converting and what you can do to fix this problem.   Poor

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Must Be Customized In Order to Be Successful

When it comes to internet marketing for business, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all strategy. In order to create a campaign that will be successful, planning is required. Here are a few tips on how to customize your internet marketing strategy for your business. SEO SEO is one of the first things that most business owners think of when it comes to online marketing. However, the

Internet Marketing Tips

Tips for Doing Internet Marketing on a Budget

If you are a small business with a limited marketing budget, you may be wondering just how you will be able to make the best of the funds that you have available. Internet marketing can require a significant upfront investment in order to get results for your business. Here are a few tips for executing an internet marketing strategy if you are on a budget. Start by Getting Your Employees

Mobile Customers

How to Alienate Your Mobile Customers

If your business is a local business or many people access your company's website via a mobile device, you probably want all of the mobile traffic that you can get. However, if you fail to do a few basic things, you can quickly alienate your mobile customers. Here are a few things to avoid according to a mobile marketing service provider in New Orleans. Poor Mobile Site Design The first thing

Online Marketing

Creating a Plan for Online Marketing Success

Every year the recommended best practices for online marketing change. Therefore, your company's strategy should change as well. Here are a few tips for creating a plan for online marketing success in 2015. Responsive Design and Mobile Users Having a website that is responsive is one of the most important online marketing tools for 2015. The number of mobile users is increasing every year

Web Design

Quick Tips for Setting Up an SEM Campaign

Setting up a search engine marking campaign can be quite difficult due to the amount of bad advice regarding SEO that is available on the web. However, there are specific practices that are guaranteed to work that you should make sure to incorporate into your strategies for the best results. Here are a few tips for setting up a search engine marketing campaign. Start With Research The first

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