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Month: May 2020

Web Design New Orleans - Infintech Designs

5 Tips for Working with a Web Design Agency

It’s hard to run a business successfully with no online presence these days. Customers looking for goods and services are increasingly looking on online platforms, and your business should be visible to them. Your headquarters online is the home site, and it should be functional and be a true reflection of your brand. If you don’t know when to start creating a responsive design for

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Desktop and Mobile Searches Reaching an Equipoise of Volume

For years, we’ve been talking about the insane explosion in volume for searches done on mobile devices and how to capitalize on that increased growth such as buying decisions by mobile users and why SEO efforts should extend to mobile marketing. But after looking over some figures and trends, as discussed in an article by Dan Leibson, it truly looks like the volume of mobile searches is

New Orleans Internet Marketing Concept - Infintech Designs

How Helpful is Internet Marketing During This Covid-19 Times?

We are in a never before known or experienced times as the COVID-19 continues to cause great damage across the globe. But what does this mean for business? Do operations come to a standstill? Well, no! The show must go on. The Internet has proven to be profound in the face of uncertainty, with internet marketing coming to the rescue. In fact, businesses need the power of the

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