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Category: Social Media Marketing

Facebook Sharing

How to Get Facebook Users to Share Your Content

Facebook recently announced its latest news feed algorithm update. Previously the company opted to reduce the organic visibility of brands and content publishers. However, in this latest update, Facebook announced that the newsfeed will place a greater emphasis on updates from friends and family. In fact, the biggest piece of advice that was shared, was that Facebook Page admins and editors

Target Audience

5 Tips for Targeting the Right Audiences With Facebook Ads

Recently Facebook announced yet another news feed algorithm update that is designed to further reduce the organic reach of brands and content publishers. This latest update is designed to increase the visibility of updates from friends and family. However, you still need to use Facebook to attract new leads and customers. In addition, you also want to do it without having to only advertise your

Social Media Focus

5 Social Media Tasks to Focus on in 2016

Are you looking to get better results from your social media strategy? As social media marketing has expanded to include even more channels, such as Snapchat and Instagram, it has become extremely important to prioritize the right tasks so that your efforts are focused only on the techniques that will drive growth and engagement. Here is a list of the top 5 social media tasks that you should

140 Characters

Twitter Decides Not to Change 140 Character Limit

Recently, Twitter announced that it would not make changes to its classic 140 character tweet length. Although, there were rumors that the site would make tweets long form, this idea has since been scrapped. However, this does not mean that there aren't some changes on the horizon for how tweets will be displayed in site users' timelines. Here are some of the other recent changes that Twitter has

Linkedin Logo

Should You Worry About Duplicate Content on LinkedIn?

When it comes to duplicate content, there has been much debate about the true impact of duplicate content on websites. It is already know that duplicate content negatively impacts your SEO results if you have duplicate content on your website. However, what about other platforms? As more people publish content to third-party content publishing sites, including LinkedIn, it is important to

Social Media

Types of Content That Are Most Often Shared on Social Media

When it comes to creating great content for your website, it can be difficult to figure out exactly where you should place your focus. There are many types of content that you may decide to create and these content types are often shared at different rates. Here are the types of content that are most often shared via social media. List Posts Although many people are probably sick of the list

Blog Traffic

Using Twitter to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Twitter, like other social media sites, can drive a ton of traffic to your blog if you use this resource in the right ways. There are many different tactics for using Twitter to increase blog traffic. However, the key to success is creating a sound strategy that is consistent. Here are some tips for using Twitter to increase your blog traffic. Insert Images and Video It is a well-known fact

Social Media Marketing

Adding Instagram to Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

In the past year, Instagram has exploded as a top website. According to recent research, Instagram engagement has now outpaced that of other social media networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter. With one of the largest user bases, other than Facebook, Instagram is a must have for any comprehensive business social media marketing strategy. If you are just getting started, there are a few

Increasing Online Reviews

5 Tips for Increasing Your Online Reviews and Feedback

To measure how well your business is performing in the areas of customer and user experiences, you may want to keep track of the feedback that you receive online. Online reviews are essential for e-commerce businesses in measuring the popularity of products and services. Getting more feedback can mean greater insight into your business. Here are five tips for increasing your online reviews and

Social Media Mistakes

5 Mistakes That Can Damage Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

In just the past year, many people and businesses have run into trouble on social media for various reasons. The consequences that can result from a social media campaign mistake can be vast and can impact the bottom line of your business if not handled properly. Here are five social media marketing mistakes that can cause damage to your campaign. Posting Material That Is Offensive It is

Why DIY Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work

Many people already use social media in their own personal lives. Unfortunately, this has lead to the misconception that using social media for marketing purposes is simply an extension of using it for personal reasons. As a result, there has been an explosion of small businesses that believe that DIY social media marketing works. However, the results indicate that their strategies are not

Twitter Pages

Twitter Adds Product and Place Pages

Twitter has just rolled out a new feature that will make it easier for people to obtain more information about locations and products via Twitter. Instead of having to only click through to a link in order to see more about a product or a place, now users will be able to obtain more information directly on Twitter. What Are Product and Place Pages? Last month, Twitter announced new features

Social Media Content

5 Ways to Get More From Your Social Media Content

If you are creating social media content and you aren't getting the results that you expected from your efforts, then you probably need a different strategy. Social media marketing requires regular effort but it also requires an understanding of SEO in order to get the best results. Here are five things that you can do to get more out of your social media content. 1. Include Hashtags Many

Hashtags for Social Media

How to Use Hashtags for Social Media Marketing

On social media sites hashtags are used for various things. Some use hashtags to keep track of a conversion about current topics, a live event or to categorize tweets. If you want to get better results from your social media marketing efforts, hashtags should be an important part of this strategy. Here is how to use hashtags for social media marketing. Select a Relevant Hashtag In order to make

SEO Mobile

Tweets Now Show Up In Mobile Search Results

Twitter announced on May 19, 2015 that the company will now offer Twitter content in Google search results. This feature has only be rolled out for U.S. users that perform searches in English via mobile phones. Twitter has also announced that the desktop web version of this feature will also be unveiled shortly. How will this new feature impact your SEO techniques? Social media has always

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