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7 Social Media Hacks - Infintech Designs Nov 04, 2020

Increase Your Brand’s Awareness with These 7 Social Media Hacks

Social media has become an essential factor for increasing brand awareness because most of our clients are on one or more social media platforms.

By 2021, the number of social media users worldwide is expected to rise to 3.02 billion.

Any business that’s serious about brand awareness should utilize social media for its brand marketing tactics, and we can help in this department.
Read on for social media hacks to increase brand awareness.

Effects Of Social Media On Brand Awareness

Before we move on to brand awareness post ideas, let’s first discuss how social media affects brand awareness.

Nike has 122 million Instagram followers, and Samsung has 160 million Facebook followers. Imagine the power that these pages have.

Any post they have will most likely be seen by these followers organically.

With the brands also posting stories and running Facebook and Instagram ads and the followers’ friends posting about the said brands, these followers are exposed to Nike and Samsung more than once in a short amount of time.

Creating effective social media brand awareness campaigns will significantly benefit any brand, no matter how small or big.

For inspiration, check out social media raising awareness examples.

Social Media Hacks to Increase Brand Awareness

If we familiarize ourselves with the psychology of social media posts, we can use it for our brand recall strategy.

Here are some hacks that can help increase brand awareness.

1. Be consistent.

The first item on this list is not as easy as it seems—be consistent.

We should remember our target market and what and how we want to communicate with them in creating posts.

We must not forget the tone, words, and images that appeal to our customers and keep those factors in mind in creating any social media material.

2. Choose the right platform.

Knowing all social media psychology tricks in the book will not help us if we are not on the right social media platforms.

For example, if we’re targeting teenagers, we should focus our efforts more on TikTok than Twitter.

If we have an audience of 25–34-year-old males, they’re probably on Facebook. Let’s make sure to choose platforms that our target market is actually in.

brand recall strategy

3. Create a captivating profile.

Of course, previous clients have an idea of a brand’s identity, but potential customers don’t.

Creating a captivating profile enables brands to connect with new visitors.
Keep in mind that we only have a few seconds to catch a visitor’s attention.
Our logo should be visible, our pictures should be hi-res, and our details must be crystal clear.

Our unique selling proposition (USP) should also be one of the first things new visitors see.

Let them know why they should stick around—use words like 100% organic, cruelty-free, or same-day delivery.

4. Create awesome content.

By awesome content, we mean emotion-inducing visuals and moving captions.

Creating such content allows our followers to equate powerful emotions with our brands and motivates them to share our content on their social media pages.

The average person has 150 Instagram followers and 338 Facebook friends.

brand marketing tactics

Imagine the exponential growth our follower base can get simply by creating awesome content every time.

5. Observe the ideal posting schedule.

Not regularly posting will make our followers and potential customers forget about us, but we shouldn’t post too much either.

As we mentioned in hack number four, our content game should always be on point. And awesome content takes time to produce. Posting too much might also cause our followers to mute or unfollow our pages.

It might be confusing at first, but posting at the right intervals will get easier. Here’s a guide on optimal posting frequencies.

6. Interact with followers.

This hack is one of the things that a lot of businesses forget.

We must make our followers feel seen and heard on our social media pages.

social media raising awareness examples

No matter how tedious it seems, let’s always try to answer questions, reply to comments, repost clients’ stories, and thank those who share our content.

There are some auto-reply features on social media sites that we can use to make our brands available to clients 24/7.

7. Partner with relevant influencers.

Creating partnerships with relevant influencers—those with the same values as our brands—has the potential to increase our customer base quickly.

When influencer marketing is done right, it can lead to more followers, new clients, and higher revenues in a short amount of time.

This method is especially useful on Instagram and one of the marketing efforts we can consider if we have enough budget.

Jumpstart Your Social Media Presence

Learning about social media hacks to increase brand awareness is an excellent way for brands to get more customers and increase revenues.

Using the right social media triggers can help us achieve our digital marketing goals faster.

If we haven’t strengthened our social media pages yet, now is the perfect time to do it. With the number of social media users still on the rise after so many years, this marketing platform will not go away soon.

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