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Top Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Look Out For In 2021

Digital marketing is a simple concept.

It’s marketing done online without the use of traditional marketing tactics and tools. And for the past few years, it has consistently produced young billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg.

People may disagree, but the actual reason they achieve success is pioneering digital marketing to new heights.

The Demand For Digital Marketing

Currently, there are over 300 million internet users in the United States, which is almost 86% of the population.

No matter what industry we are in, we have to be aware of digital marketing trends if we want to be relevant to our target market.

The digital space is ever-evolving. If we’re not updated in digital marketing news and if we don’t adapt to trends, our competitors will leave us behind and will eat away at our market share.

In this article, we have some helpful tips in digital marketing trends that will greatly benefit any business who’s serious about their online presence.

Read on to find out more about emerging trends in marketing.

Digital Marketing Trends

As we mentioned earlier, the digital space is ever-evolving.

Here are some of the latest digital marketing trends that we have to look into for 2021.

Tiktok Social Media

Social Media

It may come as a shock, but Facebook doesn’t have the same influence it once did on the younger generation.

According to these figures, the percentage of Americans aged 12–34 using Facebook has been declining since 2017.

Those people are spending less time on the platform.

While Facebook is still a massive marketing tool, other more visual platforms like Instagram and TikTok are on the rise for the younger market.

Instagram has reached one billion users worldwide in 2018, and these statistics show that 72% of American teenagers are on the platform, making it the most popular social media site for this market.

Another social media player we can’t ignore is TikTok. These numbers show that TikTok has also reached one billion users worldwide and has been downloaded over 175 million times in the United States. Their market is mostly aged 13–40.

However, if you’re watching news, you should know that the United States has its eyes on TikTok.

Even if its ban is delayed, it’s difficult to consider it to be a proper tool next year for digital marketing.

Going back on topic, before spending a massive marketing budget on Facebook, think about the target market first. Consider other social media platforms in reaching a younger audience.

Video marketing

Video Marketing

It’s no wonder YouTube and Vimeo are popular sites—videos are a great way for marketers to create informative, shareable information that the audience can easily digest.

Even Facebook and Instagram took notice and now offer live options for those who want to have more interactive content.

When videos are done right, they can be more effective than static posts, text-based content, and email efforts combined.

Many consumers now learn more about a brand and its products or services before making an actual purchase, and videos can usually help make that decision.

If any company isn’t into video marketing yet, it’s time to change that.

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

We’re pretty sure having artificial intelligence (AI) on this list is not a shock at all.

AI is a great tool in getting data to help us understand our clients’ preferences, and we can use this information to our advantage.

Starbucks is an example of a company that used AI very well.

They built an app that gathers data on their clients’ purchases, and this allows them to use predictive analytics to create a customized experience.

Using the valuable information they have on their clients, Starbucks sends personalized messages to their clients which include product recommendations.

Another use of AI is having chatbots. Chatbots are great because they allow our brands to be accessible 24/7, and they can answer easy inquiries for us.

They are more affordable than hiring several people to handle simple questions.

With AI and chatbots on our side, we have time for other important tasks.

Influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a type of strategy that makes use of key opinion leaders to talk about brands. This tool is not the newest in digital marketing, but it’s rising in popularity because people appreciate personalized approaches more.

Instead of hiring celebrities, many brands now opt to partner with smaller influencers who have authority in certain industries.

For example, makeup brands tie-up with several beauty influencers whose looks and values are a match with theirs.

Verified listings and local SEO

Verified Listings and Local SEO

Having verified listings on several search platforms adds to our credibility, making consumers trust us more.

Businesses should have a verified Google My Business listing, with the correct name, address, and phone number details.

A verified listing allows site visitors to see important information about the business and gives companies a chance to confirm with Google that the page is relevant.

Having a geographically-defined listing also helps clients nearby find a business.

Google values the relevance of its results, so placing an address allows clients who type keywords like “restaurants near me” or “hotels in Anaheim” connect with the right businesses.

It also helps to be available in as many digital directories as possible.

The Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-changing branches of marketing. Digital marketing trends will keep on evolving, and brands must always keep up to reach their target audience.

B2C and B2B marketing trends in 2021 will likely be different from digital marketing trends in 2022.

One thing that will remain constant though is the target market. In any marketing effort, we must first think of whom we want to reach.

By clearly defining our target market, we can create a digital marketing plan based on where they are in the digital world and what appeals to them. If we know where our potential clients are, then we know which projects we should put our budgets in.

Partnered with a great product and excellent customer service, digital marketing has the power to exponentially increase our revenues.

Read more about the latest news in digital marketing at Infintech Designs.

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