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Improve the SEO of Your FAQ Content - Infintech Designs Oct 16, 2020

How to Increase Your Website Traffic

When you go to the mall and see a bookstore full of people, you’ll see that only a few go out with a purchased book.

You’ll also notice that some people are just browsing around while some people grab a book, only to put it back on the shelf.

So then you start to wonder — why does the bookstore stay open even if only a few people make an actual purchase?

Just like in the analogy above, when people visit a website, they will either make a purchase or just browse around.

But don’t be too upset if people are just browsing, because that’s still an advantage! This means that you are making traffic!

How to Get Free Traffic to Your Website

Once your website begins to gain its traffic, the only thing you want to do is increase it. By increasing your web traffic, you’ll get a higher chance of converting customers.

However, rather than taking a trial-and-error approach to growing your traffic, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to improve your web presence massively every month.

What is Website Traffic?

Your website creates web traffic whenever a user visits your website.
The importance of having a lot of activity on your site is for you to get new customers. Remember our example of the bookstore having a lot of people inside? That’s traffic.

Some people are just browsing around, reading some interesting books, and the others will be your buyers.

Business isn’t just about making profits. And increasing your web traffic isn’t just about numbers.

It’s an opportunity for your business to grow and build a relationship with your customers.

How to Increase Web Traffic?

Increasing your web traffic, the better! And if you simultaneously focus on the quality of your content, it will greatly impact increasing your web traffic and potential clients!

Here are some helpful ways on how to increase your traffic:

1. Improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Most website owners should understand how SEO works — having a good SEO tool dramatically helps to increase your website traffic.

Using SEO tools like SEMRush, and Google Analytics Alexa, you’ll get the most help in getting a strategy to improve your website traffic.

You can check your site’s traffic with SEMRush’s Organic Research.

improve seo

You’ll be able to learn, analyze, and get ideas that will give you a high website traffic rate. This also includes your top performing pages and keywords.

organic research

2. Advertise your Website

increase traffic to website Ads are probably the most used strategy by most website owners.

Advertising your business through social media, displaying some ads, and paid searches will help you increase your web traffic.

By paying ads through search engines like Google, and sponsored ads through Facebook and Instagram,

your website will most likely reach a massive amount of website traffic.

3. Have a Social Media presence (Organic social media)

Having the right social media presence will be a great help in increasing your web traffic.

Aside from posting content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you should also make use of Facebook live, IGTV, IG Stories as it will help you get more audiences

Always link your website to all your social media accounts because it also helps you rapidly increase your web traffic.

Also, maximize all social media platforms — YouTube and Pinterest also generate a massive amount of traffic.

This is especially true for Pinterest, where you can easily include your web page on your pins.

4. Email Marketing

email marketing Email marketing may sound too old school, but this is another way to increase your monthly web traffic.

Email blasts can significantly spike up your traffic; just don’t go to the point where you’re sending too much.

For example, you can let your customers sign up for a weekly newsletter to update your products through email.

5. Write Interesting Content

People love checking content online — when you have a social media presence, you should include exciting content on your website.

People tend to stay for a longer period of time when they find the information they’re looking for or when they find exciting news on your page.

But before you launch any content, make sure to know your audience. Putting up the right content marketing strategy allows you to determine what type of content you should add to your site.

You should know about what interests them and what they usually look for on the web. That way, you’ll be able to come up with different content ideas and attract the right people.

Here’s how to write effective SEO content.

How is Web Traffic Recorded?

For every user who visits a website, the device they’re using connects to a website server.

Each web page fills a dozen files in the website server that transmit to the user’s browser.

The files sent will then become a “hit,” which is your website traffic. Aside from the web visits, the web service also monitors all parts of the website to determine the total “hits” it receives.

How to Check Website Views?

Utilizing an SEO tool also features checking website views. There are many applications that you can use to review and analyze your web traffic.

Here are some of them:

Here are some free tools to increase web traffic:

These applications record all kinds of data: from where a user accessed your website to how long they’ve accessed it. These reports can be filtered either daily, weekly, or monthly.

Which Type of Website Gets More Traffic?

Since we’re talking about increasing your web traffic, you might wonder what kind of website or content gets a lot of traffic nowadays?

We’ve gathered some types of website/content that gets the most traffic:

● Memes
● Video
● Product Reviews
● Recipe websites

How Long Does It Take For a New Website to Get Traffic?

Opening a new website is like opening a new business. Everything needs to be complete and fresh.

If your website has a great SEO, you’ll most likely increase your web traffic as early as two weeks after it’s been launched; however, this varies from one business to another. Just make sure to continue to follow what we have stated above, and you’ll start to increase your web traffic sooner!

Web Traffic Takes Time

Don’t be upset if you struggle to increase your web traffic because you’re not alone.

But with these effective ways, you won’t have to exhaust yourself thinking of ways to improve your web traffic.

If you’re looking to increase traffic fast, it’s not going to happen. This takes time.

Remember to set your goals first. Lastly, if you think there’s still more to learn, no one can stop you from looking for other strategies.

Need that help to monitor your traffic? Call Infintech Designs today!

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