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Content marketing seo optimization online blog - Infintech Designs Sep 25, 2020

10 Tips & Techniques For SEO Content Writing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential tool to bring your brand to the top. However, that’s not enough — you also need good content. Balancing these two things can be hard. Both a science and an art, good SEO content writing is imperative for a brand’s success online.

Importance of Good SEO Content Writing

Gain Website Traffic

68% Man using laptop working on a plan - Infintech Designs of people’s online experiences begin with a search engine. Whether it’s looking for the latest celebrity gossip, SEO based content writing tips, song lyrics, or tile grout, the first place most people would go to is a search engine.

If your website has good content, people will go there to see if you have the answer they’re looking for.

Good User Experience

Once they get onto your website, they will then decide if it’s worth their time. Good content meets their needs and engages them visually. If your site has this, they will have a good experience with your site. That means, they’ll constantly go back to it.

Gaining Backlinks

Writing good, valuable content can gain your site backlinks. A backlink is when another website links your content to their website.
This means they find your content valuable and authoritative. This can help a website go to Google’s first page. According to Ahrefs, the more backlinks a website has, the more organic traffic it gets from Google.

Learn SEO Content Writing

Want to know how to do SEO content writing that will bring you to Google’s first page? We’ve compiled 10 SEO friendly content writing tips for you as a guide.

  1. Know What the Competition Is Lacking

    Competitor research is important for any business. In this particular matter, go over your competitors’ blogs and see what topics they’re not tackling.
    If they have, determine at which angle they haven’t attacked a topic yet. This will give you unique topics and content the audience won’t find anywhere else.

  2. Put Your Audience First

    Marketing magnet engaging followers - Infintech Designs Remember that you’re writing for your audience. Find out their wants, needs, and pain points. From there, do your best to write content that will fulfill this.

    They will see you as an authority in your industry and someone they can trust. Write about the latest trends in the industry, share tricks of the trade, and offer your help.

  3. Always Remember the Keywords

    Keywords are what people type into Google Search to find answers. These are some of the deciding factors of what content is on the first page.

    Use keywords with care. If you think using every relevant keyword under the sun is good, you’re mistaken. Just plugging keywords into every bit of content can be annoying for the user. Google will also flag your content for keyword stuffing. It will remove your site from the results pages altogether.

  4. Punchy Headlines Help a Lot

    If you’re still unsure, write a few headlines and pick out the best one. Let your co-workers vote on it, for a fresh perspective.
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    Get their attention with a good headline. It’s amazing what a few words can do to capture an audience’s attention! Here are some tips:

    • Use numbers
    • Use simple language
    • Create urgency
    • Be a bit mysterious
    • Ask a question
    • Include a keyword
  5. Keep Your Content Structured

    The Nielsen Norman Group found that only 16% of people online read content word by word. Meaning, the majority only skim read when looking through articles, especially the long ones. If they’re not easily readable, they will exit the site instantly.
    You can make your content easily scannable by: Content Strategy - Infintech Designs

    • Being concise
    • Using headings (H1 for title, H2 for core topics, H3 for subtopics)
    • Using bulleted and numbered lists
    • Using one paragraph per point
  6. Feed People’s Eyes

    Make your content visually engaging through pictures, infographics, and videos. Make sure that these complement your written content. If you have one, use your Pinterest account so the pictures can be pinned. This gives your content more reach.

  7. Use Links

    We’ve talked about backlinks earlier. Doing so in your own content can be helpful. Link external sources to make your content more credible. Make sure to use reputable sources such as news organizations, research groups, and the like.
    You can also link your own content. However, only do so when it’s appropriate and relevant to the content you’re currently writing.

  8. Edit, Edit, Edit

    Make sure that your content is grammatically correct, has good spelling, and has correct punctuation. We’re big proponents of the Oxford comma here. The smallest typo or misplaced punctuation mark can ruin your content.

    Another essential thing is fact-checking. This is important especially for content with statistics, news, or industry trends in it. This makes sure that your content is accurate and up to date.

  9. Promote on Social Media

    Business People with Social Media Concept - Infintech Designs Make sure to utilize social media and forums. Make Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to be more visible to people. Going to forums like Quora and Reddit and linking your content to relevant questions is helpful. This will give you more avenues for your content to reach more people. If people like it and find it useful, your site might become viral!

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  10. Make Use of Analytics

    You can monitor how well your content is performing. Pay attention to how much time users spend on your site. If low, this is a sign that the content you’re putting out is irrelevant to them.
    Remember to check engagements on social media (shares, likes, comments). This will show you what type of content the people liked so you can replicate it.

What’s Next?

SEO optimized content writing takes time to work. But, if you continue to put out valuable, SEO friendly content, it’s only a matter of time before your site’s on Google’s first page.

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