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Landing Page Aug 24, 2021

11 Landing Pages Stats for 2021 That Can Help Conversion Rates

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you should create a landing page strategy and focus on landing page stats that will help you reach out to your desired audience and make them take your desired action.

Let’s break down the landing page statistics 2021 that you will need to work on to succeed with your marketing goals of increasing your conversion rates and generating more leads.

1. Average Landing Page Conversion Rate

The best landing page converts 5.31% or more of visitors, according to landing page stats in 2021, as reported by Techjury.

Your average landing page conversion rate is the number of people who completed your call-to-action from the total number of people who landed on your page.

A good conversion rate is between 2% and 5%, where an increase of even only 0.5% is considered significant.

You can consider these actions to help increase your conversion rate:

  • Personalize your offer to what your customers exactly want.
  • Consider cart abandonment issues and implement changes.
  • Run A/B tests to find out what works and what doesn’t.
  • Remarket and retarget ads that offer better conversion rates.
  • Provide excellent customer support online.

2. Website Load Time

Landing pages with a 0-2 second load time have the highest conversion rates. When it comes to landing page strategy, fast matters. Your audience will not be willing to wait for your landing page to load.

Load time is the elapsed time between a user submitting a URL and the entire page becoming available on the browser for the user to view.

The recommended time is two seconds as the threshold for eCommerce websites since they aim for under a half-second.

3. The Right Types of Targeting and Testing

Finances Online reported that the landing page conversion rate can significantly increase by up to 300% when you use the right types of targeting and testing on your landing page.

There is an A/B split testing software, a type of conversion rate optimization software that you can use to test the elements on your landing page.

Take great advantage of using optimization software to perfect your landing page and lift your conversion rate by 30%.

Landing page conversion


4. Business Name and Phone Number

Including your business name in the title tag of your landing page will make your brand name easier to recognize and shows that you claim ownership of the CTAs and personal information you are asking for from your users.

When you include your phone number, you are building trust with your audience in an incredible way.

A company that tested this method reported that they saw a 54% sign-up rate with businesses that included their phone number on their landing pages.

5. Video Content

High-quality video content on landing pages can increase conversion rates by as much as 86%.

Videos are a great alternative to plain text and images to boost engagement. They make it easy to get your message across and significantly affect landing page conversion rate.

Hubspot reported that 80% of video marketers say that video has directly increased sales.

6. Testimonials and Reviews

Sixty percent of users think that user-generated content (UGC), like reviews, is the most authentic form of content. According to Vendasta, 92% of people like to read online reviews before deciding to make a purchase.

Hence, it’s a great element worth incorporating on your landing pages. Consider including how you will place customer testimonials and reviews in your landing page strategy.

Testimonials and

7. Customer Acquisition and Leads Generated

The ultimate goal of marketers revolves around the sale that they acquire. In a survey conducted to determine marketers’ top primary goal objectives, 49% responded that increasing customer acquisition is one ultimate goal. Leads generated is the top primary objective that 54% of marketers chose.

8. Ebooks

Increase your landing page stats on conversion with EBook landing pages. Hubspot reported that 55% of their top landing page submissions on their blog came from Ebook offers.

Ebooks allow you to distribute long-form instructional content that your users can consider very valuable.

9. Address Buyer Fears

Addressing buyer’s fears can increase your conversion rates by 80%. Buyer fears include email spam or personal data use.

If you address these buyer concerns on your landing page, they will trust that your site is safe and this will increase trustworthiness. Trustworthiness will breed a boost in conversions and loyalty to your brand.

10. Personalized CTA’s

Personalized landing pages with personalized CTAs is a great landing page strategy that will boost customer engagement. Your visitors will be converted because of highly customized communication through your CTAs.

A personalized experience with personalized CTAs allows you to deliver exactly what they want and drive them to do what you want.

11. SEO Optimization For Regular Search and Google Maps

48% of top landing pages ranked in organic search and Google Maps.

Make sure that your landing pages are SEO optimized in a way that they will be accessible when users visit your business on Google Maps or when they search for you. This will increase your exposure and the possibility of generating more leads.

Consider linking landing page CTAs in your email ads as well.

Search engine

Competing in the Paid Search Landscape with Landing Page Strategies

You can now create well-designed and optimized landing pages from the above landing page stats that will boost your conversion rate for 2021.

You can’t rely on generic, underwhelming landing pages anymore. Landing pages are all about conversions, so you must always put your best foot forward when you are building and implementing your landing page strategies.

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