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CRO is essential if you want to grow your e-commerce business.

It is important to stay ahead of your competitors online. Infintech Designs helps you identify problems within your structure and finds opportunities to help you convert more.

With our eCommerce CRO services, you can reach new heights on your path to success.

What Is a CRO Strategy?

ecommerce optimization services - Infintech DesignsCRO is a tried and true methodology that is sure to increase the number of conversions you receive on your site.

Many tests and studies online can derail you from what can make your eCommerce platforms succeed. Some recommend long landing pages, while others don’t.

All these conflicting recommendations are confusing. CRO helps circumvent this problem by testing theories and using what works for your audience.

By implementing effective conversion rate optimization strategies, you are giving yourself a better chance for people to spend money on your site.

Much like how people go into a store and browse through the items before leaving, many people only browse your site.

Many people leave a website because of small aspects that optimization can fix.

We compute CRO through this equation: Total Transactions/Total Site Visits x 100.

If 100,000 people visited your site and 10,000 converted, then you would have a 10% conversion rate.

There are two main ways that our CRO strategy can help you with:

  • Increasing your site’s value
  • Reducing impediments that lead to the sale

Even a small boost in conversion can be significant when it comes to your revenue. 

For example, if you sell a product at $10, your 10,000 conversions earn $1 million. 

If you increase that number by five percent and get 15,000 conversions, you get $1.5 million. Even if the traffic doesn’t change, you still get more customers.

The profit is the most obvious benefit that CRO provides, but it also helps with costs in other areas

You don’t have to increase your marketing efforts to get more customers, so you don’t need to do more.

Instead, you are investing your resources into making sure that each person who visits can see the opportunity you provide over others.

ecommerce conversion optimization - Infintech Designs

eCommerce Optimization

CRO is a broad field, and numerous applications can meet varying results. Applying any of these methods of optimization is a step up that can increase conversion.

Here are some of the many ways we can help you with CRO strategy.


To check if our strategies are working, we constantly monitor your conversion rates. We track your conversion rates for various time frames from daily to yearly. This data can help your bottom line.

Conversion rate benchmarks will allow you to keep track of your absolute conversions for each month. This is really useful to know if you are on the right track, don’t get lost in vanity metrics, and keep improving over time.

Implementing Live Chat Software

Many companies today use software to create a live chat platform. You won’t need to invest in human resources or training for this, as AI can work as your customer support.

All you need to do is give the direction, and they can handle many inquiries for you.

It helps lessen the need for customer service staff, and most of the time, people want answers before they complete a sale.

Optimizing the Checkout

Customers often back out from a sale if they feel like they need to give away too much information.

Long forms can get convoluted, and your customers don’t have the energy to fill them in. We reduce your checkout forms to the essentials and make the platform intuitive for their use.

We can’t give them any feelings of discomfort, as it will usually lead to them walking away from the sale.

One of the best ways to do this is to implement trusted payment processors. These include PayPal, Apple, Amazon, and many others.

Providing Value

People will connect with and return to your brand if you give adequate information.

By publishing content that can engage and educate your audience, you give them the confidence to buy.

For example, you can publish more information about highly desirable products from your store.

Another way to approach it is through reviews or comparison articles.

Mobile Device Optimization

Many people today shop from their mobile devices rather than their computers.

At least a third of all online sales trace back to mobile users. If your site is not ready for this influx, then you are falling behind and missing out.

We can optimize your site to be suitable for mobile users, leading to more conversions.

Cart Visibility

By creating a small window where they can see their cart, customers can know exactly what they are buying.

The increased visibility brings them more confidence in their decision, and it also makes you look trustworthy. It also greatly improves your interface and user experience.

Ecommerce CRO Services from Infintech Designs

Our eCommerce CRO services have helped many online businesses grow. Through optimization, you help people understand their purchase and remove any qualms they might have.

The methods we listed above are a few of many other things we can put in place for your site.

Often, you don’t have to waste huge sums on advertising when your customers are already at the door.

Tell us what you need for your ecommerce store by calling 504-717-4837. You can also fill out our contact form.

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