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Content-That-Are-Most-Often-Shared-on-Social-Media - Infintech Designs Jan 05, 2016

Types of Content That Are Most Often Shared on Social Media

When it comes to creating great content for your website, it can be difficult to figure out exactly where you should place your focus. There are many types of content that you may decide to create and these content types are often shared at different rates. Here are the types of content that are most often shared via social media.

List Posts

Although many people are probably sick of the list post format by now, the truth is that it is often one of the most commonly shared types of articles on the web. In fact, companies like Buzzfeed have built entire websites on this type of content and are driving millions of views to their site each year as a result. List posts are most likely to be shared on social media, via email and other sharing avenues because they are often written to be comprehensive or controversial posts about a topic. If you want your readers to learn everything there is to know about shopping for birthday gifts in 2016, the best way to express this is probably via a list post.


Images are very popular online and are perhaps one of the most shared types of content online. Images that are personal and display authenticity from the user that posted them are among the most shared types of images online.

How-to Posts

Many people search the internet in order to find answers to daily problems. As a result, how-to posts have become one of the most shared content types online. How-to posts should be written with specific instructions on the topic. To boost your SEO results from creating this type of post, you should leave it open to readers and answer questions from your readers as they come in. As one of the recommended content marketing strategies, how-to posts can help establish your business as the authority on the topic by demonstrating your company’s knowledge and expertise.

Long-form Posts

Although it may seem that people will only dedicate a few seconds to viewing a piece of content online, this all changes if the information being provided is considered to be valuable to the user. Long-form posts are one of the top content types that are shared online because they are often able to display an in-depth analysis of a topic when they are well written. In addition, you should make sure to incorporate statistics and facts into long-form posts where appropriate to further increase the number of shares from your content.


People love to share infographics. Infographics combine images with valuable content for a powerful 2-in-1 combination. In addition, infographics can also be designed to be interactive which can also help to increase the desire to share this type of content. While infographics may be a more time-consuming and expensive content type to produce, in certain cases (B2B marketing) the extra effort is well worth it.


The video is the number one type of shared content in 2016. Video has exploded because of the fact that it can offer value with both written and image content. If your company wants to exclusively invest in certain content types as a part of your content marketing strategy, the video should be the one to focus on. With the plethora of options for creating commercial videos, it is now easier than ever to create a great content marketing message for your business with video.

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