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5 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

You have worked hard to create the perfect email marketing campaign. You have already done the work to get people to sign up for your email list. However, what you should focus on next is crafting the right content to increase sales. Here are five email marketing mistakes to avoid if you want better results from your efforts.

Mistake #1: Your Emails Aren’t Responsive

If you want to reach all of your target audience, you need to make sure that your emails work well regardless of the device that the user is using to view your content. This means that your emails need to be mobile responsive. Many email marketing providers offer responsive templates that are already designed to work on nearly any device. With mobile responsive emails, your email marketing campaign will stand out from those that have not yet made this important upgrade.

Mistake #2: Not Giving Enough Opportunities to Subscribe

While you may have some subscribers on your list already, if you are not giving your potential customers enough opportunities to sign up for your email list, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. You need to use key times in the sales funnel to ask your potential customers to sign up. This can include the entire shopping process and after other key engagement points with your potential customers.

Mistake #3: Not Understanding Why Subscribers Are on Your List

If you are trying to use your email list to drive conversions and sales, the first step is to understand why your subscribers are on your email list. Sending out the same emails to every subscriber is a sure way to lose subscribers over time. In addition, you may also find that you are sending emails out at the wrong times which can also drive subscribers away. Before you continue sending emails, get to know your subscribers and what they need so that you can deliver the right content at the right time.

Mistake #4: Not Making It Easy to Unsubscribe

Subscribers should have the right to come and go as they please from your email list. If you are making it hard to unsubscribe from your email list, you could be in violation of email marketing regulations. Additionally, it may also make subscribers less likely to return to your email list at a later date. As a result, don’t try to make it hard to unsubscribe from your email list with the idea that subscribers won’t leave. Some always will and those that are looking for a way out will simply start to mark your emails as spam instead.

Mistake #5: Not Establishing a Regular Schedule

When it comes to email marketing, customers expect to hear from you on a regular basis. When you set up an email marketing campaign, think of it as you making a promise to your subscribers. Whether you send emails on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, you should make sure that you are sending follow-ups at regular intervals. Your customers depend on regular communications from your business. Don’t let them down.

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