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Email Marketing Strategy Shouldnt Only Focus on Sales - Infintech Designs Jan 12, 2016

Don’t Be a Lazy Email Marketer!

These days, everyone is simply overwhelmed by the number of emails that they receive. While you may place the blame on not having enough time to answer everything, part of the problem is because some email marketers are simply bad at what they do. If you don’t want your business to be lumped in with email marketers that just don’t care about what they put out, don’t be a lazy email marketer! Here are the lazy email marketing mistakes that you should avoid.

Typos and Display Errors

While it might be an honest mistake if your email is sent with errors, consistently sending content that has typos and problems displaying without errors on user devices, this is a sign that you are simply lazy about doing email marketing. If you want to keep your subscribers happy, proofread your content before you send it out. You can also use email marketing software to test whether or not the email will display properly on all devices.

You Don’t Keep a Regular Schedule

While some of your subscribers might be thrilled to receive an email on Sunday morning at 1 am, if you are constantly sending out emails at odd hours, your subscribers will catch on to the fact that you are simply not doing enough to keep them interested in your content. As a result, you will find that you will lose subscribers if you do not send emails on a regular schedule. If you set a schedule for your email marketing campaign, inform your subscribers and stick to it.

You Are Spamming Your Subscribers

If you are not taking the time to figure out what type of content interests your subscribers, you are effectively spamming them. If you want to get your subscribers to engage with your email marketing campaign, you need to figure out what their interests are and personalize the campaign to their needs. However, if you don’t have the means to use complex analytics software to determine what they need, running a few simple surveys can get you started on the right path.

You Send the Same Messages Over and Over

Don’t convince yourself that your customers want to read the same content over and over, even if you think what you have created is amazing. In fact, you will find that the number of unsubscribes from your list will increase because your customers will get sick of reading the same things. If you can’t invest in fresh content, don’t bother with an email marketing campaign!

You Auto-subscribe People to Your Email List

If you are auto-subscribing people to your email list without telling them that you are planning to do so, you may find that you are in violation of CAN-SPAM Act or other local legal regulations. These regulations require that you only send emails to people who opt into your campaign on their own terms. Auto-subscribing someone to your list is not considered to be providing consent to being on an email list in most cases.

If you want to improve your results from your email marketing efforts, it’s time to stop being lazy. Infintech Designs can help improve your email marketing strategy with our up-to-date comprehensive campaigns. Contact us today to request a free quote and audit of your current email marketing strategy.

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