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Content Marketing Good for SEO - Infintech Designs Jan 30, 2016

Why Content Marketing Is Good for SEO

If you have been working on a content marketing strategy to help boost the presence of your business online, then you should make sure that you also incorporate some content for SEO marketing techniques as a part of your strategy. While content is king, it doesn’t hurt to improve your rankings with great content as well. Here is why content marketing is good for SEO.

Builds High Authority Links

Google has already confirmed that sites that have more links from high authority sites are more likely to receive higher rankings in the search engines. This is because these sites are considered to be more trustworthy because they have links from other sites that people already trust.

With content marketing, your goal is to create links that are valuable across the web through guest posting and shares of the content from your site.

Long Form Content Boosts Authority

The best strategy for writing content that is SEO-friendly is to create long-form content. Generally, this means that you should write longer posts that are roughly 2,000 words or more.

Long form articles are helpful because they are typically written as comprehensive posts on a topic that will easily rank highly in the search engines because they cover all of the information about a particular topic that a reader wants to know.

By combining this concept with the idea of evergreen content, you’ll have a recipe for SEO success!

Keywords Optimize Content for the Search Engines

You already know that as a part of your content marketing strategy, you should optimize your content for SEO. This means creating catchy titles and headlines for your content. You should also make sure that the meta descriptions for each page of content are also optimized for your keywords.

By strategically incorporating keywords in your content and relevant related keywords, your content marketing strategy can provide a much-needed boost for your search engine rankings.

Trademarked Terms Boost Brand Recognition

If your company sells products or services that have trademarked names, then having users search for your content can make it easy for you to receive top rankings. No other companies are allowed to create content about your trademark terms without risking a lawsuit. Therefore, your trademarked brand, product and service names are wide open opportunities for improved SEO by creating highly targeted content that incorporates these trademarked terms.

Regular Content Boosts SEO

Making a consistent attempt to publish fresh content for your website is yet another way that content marketing can improve your SEO results. When you publish new content regularly, the search engines will index these new results as you create them.

In addition, if you push your content to the social media sites when you publish it, there will be new updates on social media about your content as well. Relevancy is an important metric in determining search engine rankings. If you want your business to remain relevant, using content marketing to produce new content is a proven way to boost your SEO efforts.

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