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2016 Content Marketing Tips - Infintech Designs Jan 02, 2016

Content Marketing Tips for 2016

In 2016, content marketing is changing. Now that content marketing is mainstream, there are some new issues on the horizon that content marketers will need to resolve. Here are our top content marketing tips for 2016 to help you to start the year on a good note.

Involve Your Team In Content Planning

In 2016, the voices of your employees will be more important than ever for effective content marketing. Your employees know best what it takes to attract and retain a customer. As a result, you shouldn’t hesitate to use at least some of their ideas in your content planning efforts. Reach out to your employees for content ideas and to learn more about the behaviors of the audiences that you are trying to target.

Measure Everything

As we have seen content marketing explode over the past few years, the number one thing that many content marketers are still behind on is tracking and analytics. This year, make a commitment to understanding how your content impacts your audiences. By measuring the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy, you can react faster to trends and changes.

Use Influencers

As the number of channels for digital content continues to expand, it is important that you take advantage of influencers. This means that you should start to rely more on those that are influenced by your brand to promote your brand, products and services in addition to your own company’s efforts. By reaching and building relationships with influencers, you can exponentially increase the results that you get from your content marketing efforts.

Stop Trying to Target Millennials

In 2015, it was made painfully obvious by a number of very public gaffs by companies that targeting specific age groups rather than understanding the unique needs of those individuals in the groups is a recipe for disaster. If you want your content marketing efforts to have an impact, then you need to identify what specific characteristics your target audiences have that make them interested in your brand. It is not enough to simply target everyone from age 18-25. Instead, use a more granular approach to discovering your target audiences for the best results.

Expand Your Content Types

While written content is still extremely effective and is one content type that is shared most often on social media, you need to expand your strategy to include as many other content types as your budget can support. Video, podcasts, images, and other content should all be a part of your online content strategy as well. Don’t overlook these powerful mediums because of the cost. The benefits of adding other content types to the mix could result in many more conversions for your business.

If you need assistance with boosting your content marketing strategy for 2016, let us help. Brian Hong of Infintech Designs in New Orleans LA can help you to review your current content marketing efforts and plan for better results this year. Contact Brian to request a free quote for content marketing services now.

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