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Facebook Page on Laptop - Infintech Designs Jan 03, 2020

Social Media Marketing 101: The Best Way to Market on Facebook

The Ultimate Social Media Strategy For Facebook

When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook still reigns supreme, boasting over 2.4 billion users. Yes, that’s “Billion” with a capital “B”.

As a result, this social media platform is perhaps the best place to reach a wide range of people from New Orleans to every corner of the globe. 

With practically all age groups participating in this website, no matter what you’re trying to sell or promote, you can definitely reach your target audience here.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be easy to connect your business with the site’s users. 

Perhaps you’re seeking guidance because you feel uneasy making the investment into this platform, or maybe you’ve attempted to promote your business on Facebook before, but it didn’t go as well as expected.

No matter what the reason is for you being here, don’t worry. This guide will address all concerns newcomers, and even experienced users may have.

Keep reading to find out how to use the largest social media platform to your advantage and if you need some hands-on assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to New Orleans based social media marketing agency Infintech Designs for custom Facebook marketing campaigns that drive ROI and produce results from day one.

How You Would Like to Present Your Business in Your Social Media Campaigns?

Your page should be well defined and easy to understand, even at first glance. 

It should provide value while increasing brand awareness.

There are three options you can choose from when putting your business onto Facebook: personal account, business page, or group. 

Each choice has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Personal Account

Making a personal account to present your business on Facebook is quite an unconventional approach, mainly because if you aren’t careful, you can easily violate Facebook’s terms of service. 

Making a personal account for your business can provide the benefit of having your intrapersonal connections directly involved in your business. 

If you add your friends and family on the account, they will be following your business by default. 

People will also be able to directly message you about their inquiries, which can really help build a loyal following when you’re just starting up your business. 

However, the limitations posed by a personal account are pretty severe. 

Your breach will be limited by those who add you on Facebook. 

This can be especially problematic if your target market does not involve your social circle. 

You also cannot post advertisements through this account, which again, places a stopper on your breach. 

For these reasons, using a personal profile for your business is typically not recommended.

Business Page

This option is preferable as there is no chance you can violate the Facebook terms of service through this. 

Having a business page allows you to buy advertisements on Facebook. 

Doing so will ensure that new people who may have never heard of your business before having the chance to discover your services. 

You will also be able to utilize Facebook analytics. Facebook analytics provides insight into your business’ growth and standing on the social media platform. 

You’ll be able to piece together what kinds of posts attract the most users and alter your marketing approach based on that intel. 

The one huge downside to running a business page is simply how time-consuming it can be. If you don’t have much time to devote to social media, this option can be discouraging.

Facebook Groups

This last option is somewhat like a blend between the first two. Facebook groups are like pages, but more social and personal. 

Groups are typically made with a clear goal in mind, and to unite those with common interests. 

Anybody from personal users to business pages can join a group and communicate with each other. 

You can set up rules for your group to cater to your business’ needs. 

Facebook marketing groups - Infintech Designs

For example, you can establish a rule that only posts relevant to your business are allowed in the group. Any violator can be rightfully kicked out of the group with this rule in place. 

However, groups are supposed to establish a friendly community rather than a strictly formal, business environment. It is important to build connections with group members and encourage discussion. 

Groups can be a good option if you want to create a “family” for your brand and be directly involved with your business’ audience. 

Groups are highly promoted on the user’s feed and if a user joins your group, they will likely be seeing a lot of your posts on their personal timeline. 

This, in turn, establishes a sense of attachment and loyalty. However, running a group can be exhausting. 

Looking out for rule violators can be a taxing process. 

Additionally, sometimes people will be kicked out from the group for no apparent reason and they may take their complaints to you and/or their own audience. These mistakes may tarnish your business’ reputation.

Keep the Facebook Algorithm in Mind

The Facebook algorithm can make or break your Facebook marketing campaign, making it the hidden enforcer behind whether your business will find success on the platform or not. 

The algorithm dictates when and where your posts and advertisements will appear.

The more your content appeals to the algorithm, the likelier you are to reach a wide array of people.

 The algorithm will always favor posts with more likes and comments from users, but there’s always hope even if you haven’t amassed a large following yet. 

Make sure to avoid clickbait-y and repetitive posts, as the algorithm will mark those as spam. 

It’s important to use personal, perhaps even informal language in your posts as those styles are more likely to get picked up by the system. 

Facebook is a platform all about making personal connections, after all.

Since Facebook defines itself through building the user’s social circle, there’s significantly less promotional content that appears on an average user’s feed when compared to other social media platforms. 

The post that draws in the most interest from more people, or the post that’s more engaging, will be prioritized by Facebook.

Advertise Effectively


As it relates to Facebook ads, your efforts (and ad budget) need to be focused on attracting and engaging the right prospects at the right time with the right messaging. 

It’s important to make your ads eye-catching as well as relevant to your target audience. Use high-quality images and video to visually draw users in. 

Facebook ads - Infintech Designs

Make sure to use language relevant to your desired audience; for example, if your target market is adolescents, researching the latest trends and adapting them into your ad can prove beneficial.


The content of your advertisement is not the only thing crucial to ensure that your ad succeeds. 

The timing for when you post your ad can heavily influence how well it does as well. 

Using Facebook analytics to discover when your target audience is most active online can help you figure out when’s the best time to launch your advertisement. 

The fresher the ad is, the more likely it is to be discovered.

No matter how long you have your ad up for, it is advised that you update the images or text at least once every two weeks. 

People will get tired of seeing the same thing and scroll past your ad without a second thought if it hasn’t changed for a while. 

New content, however, is very eye-catching. Even a simple redesign can garner more interest from repeat viewers.


Engaging with your audience by way of social media posts and comments on your advertisements can prove highly beneficial. 

For example, if a customer asks a question about your product underneath your post, you should answer it to your best ability from your brand account. 

Customers and potential customers may have been wondering the exact same thing as the individual who posted the inquiry in the first place, and they will be relieved to see an answer as they scroll through. 

Facebook marketing strategy - Infintech Designs

People are more likely to purchase your product or service if they have no concerns about it and indulge in your brand if they feel involved with it. 

Simply responding to or liking your audience’s posts can build a sense of fellowship within them. 

They will feel more inclined to support your brand because they will feel like they are getting support back as well.

Take it to the Next Level

Just posting ads that’ll appear on a user’s timeline may not be enough. If so, you can try sending ads to users through Facebook messenger. 

Many Facebook users log on for the messaging tool exclusively a majority of the time, so using this tactic can help increase the likelihood of your ad getting noticed. 

You can link your audience to your main ad post through messenger as well if creating a whole new ad for messenger is too arduous.

The Rise to Social Media Stardom

Attempting to establish a presence on social media can be intimidating. The process is often slow, which can be tremendously discouraging. Tenacity is key: don’t lose sight of your goal and keep these tips in mind as you carry on. With persistence, you can and will amass a following for your business on Facebook.

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