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Social Media Marketing Strategies - Infintech Designs Aug 16, 2019

5 Social Media Marketing Strategies That Drive Results

Social media marketing in New Orleans can be difficult to get the hang of and work out what exactly works well for you and your brand, but it’s well worth it to learn how and experience the importance of social media marketing when done right.

When you want to do any form of marketing, you will want to have an established brand and style for your company. 

This goes a little further when it comes to the benefits of social media marketing as the brand will be expanded out into a corporate persona. 

The exact ideal persona for your brand’s social media influence will vary based on your target audience. 

While almost everyone is familiar with an infamous snarky redheaded burger selling girl on Twitter, that kind of snark and attitude may not do well to endear you to your ideal customer base or even remotely work well with your product or service.

Strategies to Jumpstart Your Social Media Marketing

First Strategy: Consistency!

Whatever you do decide for your brand, stick to it if it appeals to your core demographics and builds your company’s long-term identity. 

If you’re going to do local Facebook marketing, you need to stick to your usual MO. People are drawn to consistency and some are not practically fond of change. 

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Having a strongly ingrained brand idea makes a business model resilient and future-proofed for fluctuating markets as it better retains its customers over the competition. 

You’ll want to keep your message clear and regular, and it has to keep being repeated over and over. 

If you want your social media to spread, you have regular posts to keep traffic checking in, and if you’re not ready for that you may want to consider looking through local marketing companies in New Orleans

You also need to think about core messages and stick to them as poorly communicating your brand, and causing brand confusion destroys your identity as a brand.

Second Strategy: Tangential Content

While obviously, the point of marketing is to bring customers back to you, in the digital age, you need to adapt your marketing strategies to take advantage of the avenues offered by social media. 

In fact, you’ll find you only really want about 20% of your content to be self-promotion while the rest is tangentially related to your product and ways to interact with your customers and getting them to share. 

Try to find a source of regular content that is relevant and meaningful to your customers to keep them reading up and sharing with your friends, and maybe mix in a little humor and hope you go viral online.

Third Strategy: The Perfect Niche

Casting a wide net to bring in the most possible customers from different demographics is definitely one way of thinking of a marketing strategy for growing a business, there is also the appeal of having a more narrow and specialized net that completely is dominant in its focus. 

There is definitely value in having a consistent and loyal customer base when you’re working through social media marketing. 

Your most loyal followers will stay with you through thick and thin and are also an essential vector for your content to reach out not just further online but through networks of people related to your niche and target audience. 

Fourth Strategy: The Long And Short

When developing your strategies, you will always want to have long term plans and goals that they should accomplish if they are successful. 

Long term planning is essential in keeping everything on track and measuring what models have worked for your business. 

There alternatively is value in focusing on short term models when it comes to social media marketing as the lifespan of trends online isn’t very long and being on top of trends related to your product is essential for getting on top and staying there. 

Keeping your social marketing strategies more to short term plans working as steps towards your long term goals you keep your media marketing flexible and ready to catch onto the next trends that could catapult you through huge growth.

Fifth Strategy: Quality Over Quantity

Nobody likes getting their inboxes or feeds spammed over and over with repetitive nonsense and employing a strategy that ends up with those results is going to quickly sour your audience and make them stop looking at your content entirely as they’ve burned out on it. 

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When it comes to successful social media marketing, you should have a regular schedule of content that comes out that your fans should know and expect when new content and interactions will be coming around on your social media. 

There is also the obvious bonus that well-written or well-designed content is easier to engage with and is more appealing as it has had the time to be worked toward a professional standard. 

You want to ensure that your target audience views you as an expert and a reliable person when it comes to your product and field, so take the time to ensure any content posted has been proofread and engages well with your ideal base.

There are of course more tips and tricks when it comes to successfully running your own social media campaign but these 5 strategies and rules should start you out on the right track to formulate how you should go about social media marketing and will hopefully lead you down the way to finding further helpful tips that relate to your exact strategy.

Get Help from a Trusted Digital Marketing Company

As has been mentioned a few times before, regularly posted and professional-grade content that targets your clientele is essential for reaching out through the nets of social media groups. 

If you’re looking for professional guidance or a team of media marketers to do the hard work for you, you can rely on a local New Orleans business that you can trust your brand image with. Look no further than Infintech Designs with our masters of SEO and website design, as well as digital and social media marketing services. 

When looking for marketing agencies in New Orleans, LA, trust us to help you put your best foot forward.

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