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Month: August 2019

What Is the Difference Between Digital Marketing & Internet Marketing

What Is the Difference Between Digital Marketing & Internet Marketing?

It’s easy to get confused about digital marketing and Internet marketing. What's worse is that even the pros seem to use the terms interchangeably but there is indeed a difference between the two.  In fact, there is indeed a difference but not all interchanged uses are incorrect either. To explain the difference: Digital Marketing refers to all media marketing that takes place through

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5 Social Media Marketing Strategies That Drive Results

Social media marketing in New Orleans can be difficult to get the hang of and work out what exactly works well for you and your brand, but it’s well worth it to learn how and experience the importance of social media marketing when done right. When you want to do any form of marketing, you will want to have an established brand and style for your company.  This goes a little

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The 10 Types of Graphic Design for Your Business

Graphic design in New Orleans is everywhere.  Behind every web site, billboard, pamphlet, a bit of photography, or magazine (and a lot more), there is a graphic design job.  Graphic design makes use of visual layouts to solve problems and express ideas through color, imagery, typography, and form.  It can be done in multiple ways and that's what makes it interesting and

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