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Be Creative Design - Infintech Designs Aug 08, 2019

The 10 Types of Graphic Design for Your Business

Graphic design in New Orleans is everywhere. 

Behind every web site, billboard, pamphlet, a bit of photography, or magazine (and a lot more), there is a graphic design job. 

Graphic design makes use of visual layouts to solve problems and express ideas through color, imagery, typography, and form. 

It can be done in multiple ways and that’s what makes it interesting and the reason there are several types of graphic design.

A set of design techniques and skills are required on each type of graphic design. Designers often specialize in one of these types or focus on similar types. 

However, due to the constantly changing industry, designers are becoming adaptable so they can adjust and add specializations throughout their careers.

It is important to understand the types of graphic design and how will they help your business.

These are 10 types of graphic design for your business:

1- Website Graphic Design

A website can be seen as a digital salesperson. 

By having a good website design you can increase the chance of attracting potential customers and increasing sales. 

Our professional team will help your company to build a high-end user-friendly professional website design in New Orleans for your company.

Plenty of drag-and-drop website builders can be found on the internet yet hiring a professional graphic designer will not only save you a lot of time but also provide you a fully-personalized design that fits the best for your company.

2- Corporate Design

If you are starting a business or at some point you did, then you may be familiarized with terms like “Brand Recognition” and “Differentiator”. 

Nevertheless, there is another term that is frequently left aside and it is the Corporate Design. 

No matter if it is a small, medium, or a large business, they all have a different story to tell. That story is about its mission, vision, USP, strength, etc.

Corporate design is not only the traditional graphic design. It is also a broad term used to cover two major elements: 

  • Design: Which includes logo design, colors, and typography.
  • Branding: Which differentiates your product or services from competitors.

3- Advertising Graphic Design

Advertising design is referred to as creating and organizing visual artwork that is used in ads for products and services. Focusing on persuasion.

 It can be seen worldwide in the form of television, wall paintings, billboards, etc.

New Orleans graphic designer - Infintech Designs

A New Orleans graphic designer who designs advertising is not only talented and creative but also a professional that knows how to sell a product and engage consumers mind. 

The industry of advertising is tremendously competitive.

4- Brochure Design

Brochures can be an ideal marketing tool for companies to share information about their products and services. Brochures are not only limited to providing info about the company, but it can also be important to drive people to their business. 

The types of brochures used in business may include half-fold, tri-fold, z-fold, and roll fold.

The design of a brochure is everything. Non-appealing brochure design may lead companies to fail in the creation of the first impression on a brochure. 

A good brochure design helps to build brand identity by making the desired impact on the targeted audience. 

A professional design should improve your business by winning the loyalty of the customers.

5- Mobile App Design

People spend a lot of time on their mobile devices. 

Most of that time is spent on apps, thus the mobile industry is a fast-growing one with companies delivering their content and services through apps. 

Fortune reports that only 25% of the users open the app and return

A high-end professional design can make an app successful apart from speed and ease to use features.

Good mobile app design is not only meant to make a product look beautiful but to build a relationship between app and user as well. 

Perfection comes with a combination of an elegant interface, perfect icons, art, and professional app designers aware of the latest trends.

6- Publication Graphic Design

Publication design focuses on the thoughtful task of putting images and text together so the content can be visually improved. 

When a publication is designed multiple factors need to be considered: where will it be published, which format is accepted by the publisher.

Example of publication graphic design are newspapers, books, directories, magazines, etc. Each type of publication serves a different purpose. 

Hence, the same design cannot be applied to each of them.

7- Packaging Graphic Design

Nowadays, packaging has gained a lot of importance and it is no longer just packaging or merely a wrapper for product protection. Packaging design can be enough to communicate a brand story. 

Its design must be such that instantaneously engage with the consumer.

Any company that manufactures a product will likely require the graphic design services so they can make it consumer-ready. 

Big companies use their in-house designers for this job while some professionals work on studios or agencies and as freelancers as well. 

Regardless of how they work, a good professional should be acquainted on how to combine the shape, style, and graphics on a package.

8- Book Cover Design

Although there is that well-known phrase “Never judge a book by its cover” truth is readers do. 

A good looking cover often makes people buy the book so it can look beautiful on their bookshelf. 

graphic design in New Orleans - Infintech Designs

The good cover design is probably the most significant driver to success for a book. It is the story and message through colors, images, fonts, and symbols that make it professional.

9- Environmental Graphic Design

No, this kind of graphic design is not related to mother earth or saving the planet. 

Environmental graphic design or also known as experimental graphic design (EGD), is telling a story by putting together multiple elements such as color, material, pattern, etc. with the architectural features of the brand. Its main goal is to link people to places by making their experience memorable, informative or easier to navigate.

10- 3D Graphics Design

3D designing has gained a lot of importance nowadays.

 It has achieved the most popular effects used in most of the industries. 

Its art is based on producing a design on the X-Y-Z scales which means that it can be rotated and viewed from every angle in real-time.

Should your business or personal brand need graphic design in New Orleans, make sure to contact Infintech Designs through the menu above. 

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