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New Orleans Logo Designs – Custom Work that Grabs Attention and Clearly Defines your Brand

Your business is bright and unique. You’re ready to reach people, win customers, build a community, and make a difference with your talents and passions.

First Impressions of your Brand Matter

How do you build a trusted relationship with new customers? Unfortunately, many business owners miss the first step: a standout introduction that says your brand is reliable, trustworthy, high quality, and pleasant to deal with.

Without a memorable first impression, a potential friendship becomes “just another stranger.” Without a unique logo, the business-customer relationship becomes “just another advertiser.”

With a logo that expresses your personality, your company’s first impression becomes a memorable moment that creates an instant business-customer bond.

Talk with a New Orleans graphic designer from Infintech Designs to learn more about how our custom logos build first impressions. Our professionals can craft logos that tell your story, represent your values, and express your personality to potential customers with a single glance.

Why Infintech Designs?

new orleans logo design - Infintech DesignsWe’ve been serving businesses like yours for over 13 years with logo design. As one of the premier graphic design studios in the Big Easy, we’ve enjoyed helping local businesses grow their consumer base, build customer loyalty, increase marketing ROI, and live their passion.

No two businesses are the same – that’s why our graphic designer will take your needs, your client’s preferences, and your growth plans into account while crafting solutions. We believe in creating a custom solution for each business logo design.

Through our 13 years of service, we’ve worked in marketing, web design, content marketing, and more; we understand not only design basics, but also the practical needs for a logo that will fit all your marketing materials.

A few of the reasons clients choose our website and logo design company…

  • When you partner with our company, you partner with local professionals who can provide quick, custom results. We work with reliable logo designers based in Nola, who are familiar with the culture of this city and can deliver a standout logo that reaches your customers.
  • A trendy logo will quickly go out of style, communicate the message “outdated business,” and lose core customers. Our professional graphic designers craft timeless logos; you’ll use yours for years to come.
  • Many creative individuals offer graphic design services; sadly, some of these individuals have no professional business logo training. We work with trained logo designers so that your business’ design enhances your branding and supports local artistry, too.
  • Some businesses already have an established logo. Rather than creating something from scratch, they need a refresh and update. We offer updates in addition to from-scratch logo creation.
  • Our honesty built our reputation as the trusted local logo design firm. We’ll always tell you the truth about which solutions will provide results and which won’t.
  • The first impression your business makes on consumers is crucial. That’s why we specialize in professional logo design: your first impression will communicate professionalism and reliability, as well as personality.
  • You’re looking for a unique logo to represent your unique business. Our creative logo designers will learn about your company, then create something that reflects your passion and brand values.

Graphic Design Services

logo design services in new orleans - Infintech DesignsOnce you have a standout logo, you need to highlight it. It’s important that your website and marketing materials point back to your logo’s design. When your marketing, online presence, and logo are unified, your business delivers a memorable and impactful impression.

Because we realize a logo design provides the cornerstone for business aesthetic, we offer other design services to complete your “new look”:

  • Graphic Design: Does your business use printed materials, such as brochures, business cards, posters, or labels? Talk with our graphic design studio professionals in New Orleans about unifying your logo design and printed aesthetic.
  • Website Design: Your website is the first impression for most prospective customers; our local website designer in New Orleans can provide a custom-built online “home” for your business.
  • Design Firm: If you don’t see your need listed here, don’t worry. Our design firm offers a variety of marketing solutions for business owners – talk with our professional team to learn more.

Other Valuable Services Offered in New Orleans LA

Online Reputation Management: Position your brand and company as a trusted and reliable resource within your market and vertical, while mediating any negative press or reviews.

Website Development: Need a website to go along with your logo? Or perhaps extended functionality or a performance boost. Our developer team can help turn your outdated website into a money-making machine. Let our New Orleans web design service work its magic and keep your business stay at the top of its game.

Search Engine Optimization: You have your branding in check, but how will anyone see it? Let our team of expert search engine optimization professionals make sure your brand, products, and services are what your prospective market sees when they search for your services online.

Business information

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Community Involvement

As a business owner, you contribute to our community. You make a difference in your customers’ lives. Our mission is to help you impact others; together, we make lift our community and make the world a little better.

Here are a few things our local customers have said about working with our graphic design agency:

  • Julia said, “Brian has made it clear to me the team is here to ask questions, and being able to really learn and understand.” It’s important to us that each solution is tailor-made to the client’s needs, and we enjoyed helping Julia create a custom solution for her business.
  • Deborah said, “With these guys, I got exactly what I was always looking for — finally — my website.” We know it can be difficult to find reliable marketing designers. We were glad to be able to help Deborah move forward in her New Orleans business with our graphic designer and marketing professionals.
  • Gavin said, “I appreciated the patience they extended and frankly, in the end, I feel like I lucked out finding the help I needed. Check them out, they did good by me.” Good things can take time. We don’t create sloppy jobs; instead, like with Gavin’s project, we take the necessary time to perfect your business’s marketing solutions.

For more information on what we’ve done in the community, or to work with us, feel free to give us a call! We’ll be happy to share stories of prior clients’ design journeys, and help you begin to craft your own.

Take Control of your Brand Identity with a Logo that Impresses

Remember: your logo is your first impression. It’s your chance to stand out to potential customers, to be memorable, to communicate your story and your values and your mission in a single glance. Don’t take that responsibility lightly.

Hire a logo designer you trust – and watch new connections blossom.

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