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Our company strives to build user-friendly, secure websites that strengthen your business.  We are ready to work with you as we build your site.  We deliver dynamic and well-crafted websites that provide the best user experience to your potential customers.

Our experienced web development team is your partner in building bespoke websites at affordable costs.  You can connect with your customers on any browser and device wherever they are located.

Web Development

Web development refers to the building, creating, and maintaining of websites.  The coding and programming in web development that enables website functionality deals with the non-design aspect of building websites.  It includes aspects such as web design, web publishing, web programming, and database management.

We have a dedicated web development team that designs and maintains company websites.  We also use WordPress for small organizations and businesses that provide a basic website template and simplified editing tools.

Our web development process ranges from creating playing text pages to complex web-based applications, social network applications, and electronic business applications.  We have full-stack web development services with awesome web developers that are able to do both front-end and back-end tasks at the same time.

Bespoke Web Development Services

Every business has its own unique needs and marketing objectives.  Hence, Infintech Designs gravitate towards bespoke web development services to support the growth of your business. Our web dev experts can create the ideal web platform that will bring the results you expect.

We use a focused project management approach along with a proven methodology.  This will enable businesses to deploy and test smaller modules of a larger development implement the system and improve upon it.  We make sure that your website is scalable and adaptable.

Front-End Web Development

Our front-end web developers code the front end of your website and make sure that your web design actually gets implemented on the web.

Back-End Web Development

We build and maintain the technology needed to power the components which enable the user-facing of your website to exist.  The back-end code we create adds utility to everything our front-end designers create.

Full Stack Web Development

Our web dev specialists understand how every part of the web dev process takes place and can provide guidance on strategy and best practices.  We look at the ‘big picture’ considering the server-side and the client side’s user experience.

Javascript Web Development

Javascript is a type of web programming language that is supported across all web browsers and tools.  We use it to create, enhance, and modify websites.

We do more than just write codes in our web development services.  We interact with designers, illustrators, copywriters, and other personnel in the web dev planning process.  On top of that, we spend time researching new techniques and technologies.

Web Development Process

Web Development ProcessA web development process is a documented outline of the steps needed to be taken from start to finish in order to complete a typical web design project. While there are several methods of creating websites, there is often a trade-off between simplicity and customization.

While there are several methods of creating websites, there is often a trade-off between simplicity and customization. Therefore, most large businesses do not use content management systems, but instead, have a dedicated Web development team that designs and maintains the company’s website(s).

We divide and categorize the work and then break high-level sections into tasks and resources that can be used as a road map for each project.  Our complete web dev process typically involves these steps:

1. Goal identification

We work with every client to determine the goals that your website needs to fulfill.  Let us know your purpose and we will help you know which goals will lead to achieving your desired results.

2. Identifying the scope of the project

When we know your goals, we can define the scope of your project for web development.  This includes what web pages and features your site requires to fulfill the goal and the timeline for achieving them.

3. Sitemap and wireframe creation

With a well-defined scope, we start working on the sitemap, defining how the content and features we defined in the scope definition will interrelate.

4. Content creation

We have a team of experienced content creators who understand the bigger picture of your website in mind.  We create content for individual pages on your site, always keeping search engine optimization (SEO) in mind to help keep pages focused on a single topic.  

5. Visual elements

When the site architecture and content are in place, we start working on the visual brand.  Depending on your marketing goals and your brand message, this may already be well-defined, but you might also be defining the visual style from the ground up.  We use style tiles, mood boards, and element collages in this step.

6. Testing

Once your pages are set and how to display to the site visitor is displayed,  we combine manual browsing of your site on a variety of devices with automated site crawlers to identify everything from user experience issues to simple broken links.

7. Launch

After your site has been thoroughly tested and you’re happy with the results, it’s time to launch.  Things may not go perfectly in this step with some elements that will need fixing.  Part of our web development services is constantly maintaining your website.  We make sure that there will always be a right balance between form and function.  Our web dev team uses the right fonts, colors, and design motifs while keeping in mind the way people navigate and experience your site.

Launching your website is not the end of the process because developing a website is a never-ending process.  We will continue to help you run tests on new content and features, monitor analytics, and refine your messaging.

Accelerating Your Online Growth Through Web Development Services

Infintech Designs Web Development Services

Our company offers the best web development services that provide the best web experiences for your customers.  Our creative and expert web development team will help your brand outstand your competitors with a high-performing, feature-packed, digitally transformative, user-friendly, and fully functional website.

Get a sound return on your online investments with a  website that your visitors will always be excited about.  Our web development services are innovative solutions for an effective web presence that is compatible across all devices.  We don’t miss anything visually or functionally.

Web Development Services in New Orleans, Louisiana Offered By Infintech Designs

Infintech Designs is proud to offer its digital marketing services to NOLA businesses and surrounding areas. Our team will integrate, build and maintain dynamic software solutions that work.

Our team of developers is skilled and experienced to deliver what is expected from them. We have plenty of clients from different industries to prove it.

We offer the following services in New Orleans, LA:

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