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Month: February 2020

white hat SEO - Infintech Designs

Things You Need to Know About White Hat SEO

SEO involves a combination of various techniques to improve a site's organic traffic.  White hat SEO is one of those techniques that provide long-term success to your website in addition to meeting your short-term goals.  Going Deep with White Hat SEO According to SEO lingo, white hat SEO is the application of different techniques, tactics, and strategies that focus more on the search

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Here are 10 Types of Digital Marketing You Need to Know

In an era where millions depend on their phones and computers to shop for their favorite products, not having a website will leave your company in the backbench, allowing your competitors to gain a significant advantage.  In fact, having a website alone doesn’t make the cut if you want to reach your target audience.  You need to come up with various digital marketing strategies to promote

New Orleans web design - Infintech Designs

How to Get Your Target Audience with Web Design

When you look at the topic of web design and catering to your target audience, you are not just looking at the visual aspects. Instead, there are several factors and fundamentals that contribute to a powerful site.  This means you should never limit your strategies. Because strategies make you more competitive against your peers. But in this particular post, you are invited to ask a very

New Orleans web design - Infintech Designs

10 Surprisingly Easy Rules of Website Design

First impressions last a lifetime and this is no exception when it comes to web design.  The success of a website entirely depends on its design; utility and usability being the primary determinants.  A poorly designed website tends to perform badly, with undesirable metrics like low time on site, high bounce rates and low conversions.  Since your website is the face of your company and

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